Membership Policy


  1. Billing: 

Seasonly: You’ll be billed automatically at the first of: April, June/July, September and December. 

Annually: Upon sign up you will be charged for a year. The day after your year expires, you’ll be billed for another year unless you cancel your subscription prior to that day. We'll bill your card the full price for 3 seasons of SHADESbox and 1 season 50% off.


  1. Seasonal Membership A seasonal membership consists of ShadesBox being sent out quarterly – Winter (December), Spring (April), Summer (June/July), Fall (September). Your sunglasses will arrive 7-10 business days after leaving the WMP warehouse. We ship in batches, and delivery time can vary slightly each month. You’ll always receive a tracking email so you can follow your Shadesbox shipping status. If you sign up for a Seasonal Membership, you will be immediately billed $29.99 (this a non refundable payments). We will then ship you your first ShadesBox for the given season depending on when you subscribe to your subscription.  Here are the guidelines of which box you will receive depending on the time you sign up:

December 1st - Febuary 28th — Winter Box

March 1st - May 31st — Spring Box

June 1st - August 31st — Summer Box

September 1st - November 29th —  Fall box


Seasonal Memberships automatically renew each season as stated above,  unless you timely cancel (before billing), you will be charged as described above.


2. Annual Memberships. If you sign up for a Annual Membership, you will be immediately billed $119.99 for a term of twelve months and four boxes. You will receive a box in the same manner as seasonal subscription mentioned above.


Annual Memberships renew automatically annually and unless you cancel prior to billing you will be charged for the next annual term. There are no refunds for annual memberships. 


If you don't have funds available at the time of your billing, our system will make several attempts to charge you again later in the month. Your ShadesBox will not be shipped if we cannot process your payment.


3. Product Replacements. Although you cannot choose the exact pair you will receive, when choosing your subscription option you may specify which styles and colors you love most. WearMe Pro will make the best attempt to incorporate your choices into your subscription box. You may choose to change your product preferences by e-mailing  with “CHANGE OF PREFERENCES” in the subject headline and let us know what style you would like to change to. Each month, subscription boxes will contain various styles of sunglasses within their subcategories, differing colors, etc. Items in the box may not be replaced for alternatives unless a product arrives scratched or damaged, in which case WearMe Pro will replace the damaged item with another pair of the same style eyewear. There are no returns or cancellations once the billing has been processed. 

We do not take responsibility for items stated to be “delivered” by USPS but not received by member. 


4. Cancellation Policy

 In order to cancel your Subscription, you must email us at and indicate that you wish to cancel. There are no cancellation fees.

Cancellations must be effected prior to the billing date of the Membership renewal. For Seasonal Memberships, this means that you must cancel before the billing date for the next Season as listed in Billing subsection above. For Annual Memberships, you must cancel prior to the billing date for the next twelve-month period.


5. Shipping and Taxes. For each Box, we may also charge for any applicable taxes, as well as shipping fees for shipments outside of the Continental United States. Shipping is free in the U.S. and $14.99 for Canada.



6. Questions? If you have any questions, please contact us at: