• Do you protect
    your eyes
    from screen
    New Blue Light
    Blocking Collection
  • Clear Lens
    Spice up your fall or winter outfit
    with clear lens glasses!

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Find the Perfect Pair of Sunglasses

Not ready for the commitment of a subscription? Sometimes one great pair is all you need. The right pair can be just what it takes to complete your next outfit.

Browse bestsellers, designer inspired, mirrored lens, retro, optical frames, and other top designs.

Sunglasses Subscription Box

Start by telling us about your preferred style; from trendy and modern to hipster and bohemian designs. We’ll send you 3 pairs in each box up to four times per year. Tracking down trendy affordable sunglasses has never been so easy. With Shadesbox, you get first pick of all the current styles. Learn more about how it works.

Look Here for Lookin’ Good

Modern shades are great for so much more than keeping the sun out of your eyes. Affordable sunglasses with lenses and frames in bold shapes and colors make it easy to accessorize. See what we mean and browse our Lookbook for inspiration.

Read on to discover more about WearMe Pro and our fantastic community of free-spirited style enthusiasts like you.

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