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10 Cute Ideas for Bridesmaids and Groomsmen Gifts

By Abigail Golder


Many of us have dreamed of our perfect wedding day. The flowers, the venue, and music, and the people standing by our side as we exchange vows with our soon-to-be spouse. 


However, not many really consider how much work the bridesmaids and groomsmen put into every wedding they attend. From running errands during and before the wedding to planning (and paying) for the bachelor and bachelorette parties, the friends who stand beside the happy couple have often worked just as hard to make the day perfect. 


Traditionally, the bride and groom repay this debt with gifts. The gifts are special, custom, and help the friends take part in the joy that the wedding couple feels. Here are the top 10 things you can surprise your best friends with on our wedding day. 


The most immediate gift that may come to mind while shopping for the bridesmaids may be personalized necklaces or bracelets. The bride can choose the same style of necklace or bracelet for each bridesmaid, or even choose a unique one for each girl. A cute engraving, like a heart or the girl’s initial, is also optional. 

Robes are another traditional gift. Don’t worry about being cliche -the best gifts are the ones that the receivers will use well after the wedding.The top two types of bridesmaids robes are plush and silk. 


If all of your bridesmaids are unique, or if you want to get a little creative and do something different, gifting a one-of-a-kind gift basket would be your best choice. Consider give a spa basket, filled with bath bombs and face masks, or a food-based basket, filled with mini champagne bottles and chocolates. 


Speaking of champagne, another trend that has been appearing for bridesmaid gifts are customized champagne glasses or wine glasses. This is a personalized gift that won’t break the bank but will make your bridesmaids feel fancy. Of course, you can always order pre-made glasses with everyone’s name on it online, but painting it yourself would make it that much more special.


It seems that the best gifts are ones that can be utilized long after the wedding, so our next gift idea is perfect for just that – a cute, and, you guessed it, personalized tote. You can be certain that your bridesmaids will love this gift and use it, too.


If your best boys are the classy type, consider getting them something timeless like a wooden watch. This unique gift is a must have in every closet, and is stylish, modern, and useful.  You can give this gift at the rehearsal dinner or surprise them right before going up to the altar. 


Wallets are another classy gift idea that you can’t go wrong with. If you can swing it, a real leather wallet would surely be appreciated by every guy in your wolf pack. Wallets can also be personalized.


One gift you may have never heard of a cooler chair. This is a gift that can technically be used for both parties and is stellar for the outdoorsy folks. The chair is small and has a small cooler attached, and is perfect for the beach, to a football games, and camping.


For the tech-loving friends, our top choice this year is a Google Home Mini. It’s surprisingly affordable and always on sale. Google Homes are great for connecting all of your devices in the house, making voice commands a breeze. This gift will likely be used every single day! 


For the wedding party as a group, or just for fun, sunglasses are an affordable and entertaining option. This gift will be great for the wedding photos, and can be worn at the wedding (for laughs) or at the bachelor or bachelorette parties. 


Wedding squads are typically made up of the best people in your life. They deserve a gift that lets them know that they are appreciated. And in the end, it’s the thought that counts. 



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