Single Shades

Sometimes one great pair is all you need. Quality style and UV protection don’t have to come at a high cost. Accessorize with dozens of styles from classic cool to bold and beautiful. The right pair can be just what it takes to complete your next dynamite outfit. Browse bestsellers, designer inspired, mirrored lens, retro, optical frames, and other top designs.

Shadesbox Sunglasses Subscription Box

Start by telling us about your preferred style; from trendy and modern to hipster and bohemian designs. We’ll send you 3 pairs in each box up to four times per year. Tracking down cool affordable sunglasses has never been so easy. With Shadesbox, you get first pick of all the trending styles. Learn more about how it works.

Why WearMe Pro?

If you buy sunglasses from big brands, the biggest charge is the cost for the label. The sunglasses industry is notorious for markups that completely misrepresent the actual cost of those items to produce. How do we know? We’ve been working since 2011 to make affordable sunglasses with the best aspects of designer shades accessible to everyone.

Why Own More Than One Pair?

With a Shadesbox subscription, you’ll have no more stress for lost or damaged sunglasses. We’ll be happy to send replacements and you’ll always have more new stylish sunglasses on the way. Extra pairs can make great gifts too!

By signing up for our sunglasses subscription box, you’ll soon have a set of flexible and indispensable accessories to look your best on any occasion.