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Blue Light

Blue Light Glasses

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Blue Light Glasses

We spend so much of our time in front of screens—you’re probably looking at one right now. Blue light is present in our computers, phones, televisions, and even most interior lighting. WearMe Pro’s blue light glasses collection provides protection in some seriously fierce, highly fashionable styles.  

What are Blue Light Glasses?
Blue light can actually be pretty damaging to our eyes. It also disrupts our natural sleep cycles, causes headaches, and accelerates retina damage. That’s where blue light blocking glasses come in. Blue Light Glasses, also called computer glasses, are made with special, clear lenses that filter out harmful blue rays. They’re extremely functional, and with styles as trendy as the ones offered by WearMe Pro, they’re also incredibly fun. Choose from a range of ultra-stylish models ranging from tortoise shell blue light glasses to cat eye blue light glasses. Or, go with a low-key intellectual look and opt for a pair of classic black square blue light glasses. These are glasses you’ll be excited to wear at the office—and they’re offered at prices that aren’t going to put a dent in your paycheck.