Top 5 Activities to Get Into the Spirit of Spring

by Katie Opalinska March 11, 2017

Even with snow still on the ground, we can practically smell Spring coming up around the corner. While most people save their resolutions for January, we think the defrosting of our lawns marks the perfect time for new beginnings. As the last weeks of winter approach, here are the top five activities that will not only get you excited for a new season, but a brand new you.

  1. Get Going on Your Spring Cleaning

Admit it: as you got older, you began to understand why your parents were always on your back about cleaning your space. Many believe that the decluttering that comes with spring cleaning is not only a good practice for hygienic reasons, but also makes room for new energies and opportunities to flow into your life. And if you’ve ever done it, you know exactly what they’re talking about! There’s nothing like throwing out a dozen garbage bags worth of useless things.

Go through every closet, every cabinet, every shelf—and be honest with yourself about which things are only gathering dust. Then, make sure you properly dispose of materials that can be recycled: it’s not fair to clean out your personal space while contributing to miles of landfills outside of your home.  For example, when cleaning out your closet, donate your unwanted pieces to Goodwill or other local thrift stores. If you can’t find any near you, churches are always looking for clothing to distribute. Bags of pasta in your pantry that you refuse to touch now that you’ve given up carbs? There are plenty of charities working to prevent food waste that want your goods!

  1. Start a Small Food Garden

Even those of us living in cities can nurture their connection to the Earth and become more self-sufficient by growing living things. And we’re not just talking flowers: functional plants that actually feed you are a great way to learn to depend on yourself! Start with a simple basil plant, then work your way up to bountiful tomatoes in your windowsill. Trust us, nothing tastes better than something you’ve grown yourself. Your envious friends will be asking to taste your mini-crop in no time.

Not quite ready for that kind of commitment? Start with low-maintenance decorative plants like succulents. Why not try an Aloe, which also has fantastic medicinal benefits? Psst: if you can’t keep succulents alive, you may just have a problem.

  1. Make Over Your Look

This sounds expensive, but truly, it isn’t. Once you’ve finished step #1 and your winter clothes have been put away, spruce up your last year’s summer wardrobe with brand new accessories. Not only are they cheaper than heaps of new outfits, but remember those landfills we talked about? You’ll be saving them from pounds of trash. If something is still wearable, for God’s sake, wear it!

One great way to rotate your accessories is through WearMe Pro’s Shadesbox. For less than $10 a month, you’ll get three new pairs of eyewear delivered to your door every single season. Buy an annual subscription and save even more, with code “SAVE50” to get 50% off your first box. Shadesbox even allows you to pick your style preferences, like shapes and colors. The best part? You can change them any time!

  1. Locate Your Neighborhood’s Farmer’s Markets

We don’t know about you, but one of favorite parts of warm weather beginning is the bounty of farmer’s markets that begin to pop up. There are so many benefits to shopping at farmer’s markets as opposed to your local supermarkets! For one, you’ll be supporting your local family farmers instead of big business—and they could use your support as huge agriculture companies dominate the vast majority of the modern food market.

Secondly, when you buy local food, you do your part in protecting the environment: did you know the average meal travels approximately 1,500 miles before it gets to its destination? That’s a lot of fuel!

While there are countless more benefits to buying from local farmers, we’ll leave you with a selfish one: food from small, local farms is more likely to be organic, without the certification (which is extremely expensive, thus out of reach for most small farms). This means you get food grown with less pesticides, without the premium prices. Score!

Keep in mind, you have every right to ask your farmer how your food is grown. But no worries—most local farmers are more than willing to share their practices.

  1. When Possible, Bike Instead of Driving

Not too hot, and not too cold: spring is the perfect time to take the ol’ bike out for a spin. Whether traveling to work or for leisure, biking is not only fun and eco-friendly, but it also saves you heaps of money. What are the gas prices like this week? Who cares! You’re burning calories and biking for the next three months. Bon voyage! 

Katie Opalinska
Katie Opalinska