It’s hard to admit, but when it comes to fashion we men sure do have it easy. While women find themselves spending hours trawling the stores for the perfect ensemble, dressing up for an event means just one thing for us – dusting off the trusty old suit.

But while the suit selects itself, there’s more to an outfit than just the shirt, jacket and trousers. Accessories – the shoes, the belt, the tie and the cufflinks – can prove to be a surprisingly tricky. It’s these touches that make the whole thing work, after all.

And so we come to the question of sunglasses. A traditionally casual fashion item, selecting the perfect pair of sunnies to wear with your suit can be extremely complicated. Do you go big and bold, or subtle and demure? Do you match colors, or make the sunnies stand out?

To help with these questions and more, let’s look at some of the best choices for anyone who has to pair their suit with a set of sunnies.

Go subtle with the Jax

Grey frame sunglasses with silver lens for men and women

If you’re particularly happy with your outfit and would like attention to be directed towards your suit, it’s wise to select an understated pair of sunglasses. One such option is the Jax, a clear framed spec that you can see straight through. The classic horn rimmed style will add a refined elegance to your look.

Be bold with the Nixon

Black sunglasses with silver lens for men

It could be that you feel quite the opposite, and want people’s eyes drawn up to your face. In that case it’s wise to go big, bold and oversized. The Nixon features a chunky frame, an oversized lens and a mirrored finish that is sure to have people wondering what’s sitting behind. These are perfectly paired with a slim fit suit and skinny tie.

A light suit with a light tint

Round circle sunglasses with gold frame and light brown lens

A light or pastel colored suit opens up the option for a bit of an accessory statement. Pair it with a retro designed frame and light lens, such as the Meade. Match the lens tint with your pocket square for maximum effect.

Pair classic with classic

Black aviator sunglasses for men and women

A timeless suit deserves a timeless set of specs. Next time you pull out your faithful, black, two piece suit, why not match it with the Maxwell – an all-black aviator with the most classic of silhouettes? You can treat this combination as your go-to, as these pieces of fashion are about as future-proof as any!

A silver metal frame to match blue highlights

Circle round sunglasses with silver frame

Silver and blue ‘goes together like peas and carrots’, as Forrest Gump might say. Whether your shirt, your tie, your socks or your pocket square are blue, the silver framed version of the Nevada is the perfect match. The silver metal frame will work delightfully with the azure highlights.

Picking the perfect sunglasses for your favorite suit might feel tricky, but thanks to the incredible selection at WearMe Pro, you could be looking catwalk ready in no time!