People with ‘petite’ faces will know the dread that shopping for sunglasses can cause. The space between child-sized and adult-sized eyewear can be a no man’s land, and you’ll often end up in an endless cycle of finding a style that you like, putting it on, realising that it makes you look like an insect, and putting it back on the rack.

Thankfully there are some sunglass styles that are better for small faces than others. Let’s take a look at 3 of the best options for narrow-faced women and men.

Sunglasses for women with small faces

Be a cool cat: One of the main reasons that particular sunglasses look odd on narrow faces is that the sides of the frame extend past the border of the face. The unusual shape of a cat eye sunglasses can negate this effect, and can serve to equal out the proportions of the face.

Try:  Abigail cat eye sunglasses

Square up: Square sunglasses are more flattering to small faces than round. If you’re trying to choose between these two styles, always go for the more angular option.

Try: Diem modern square sunglasses

Go interesting: If in doubt, go for a style that is more outlandish than it is conventional. Strange shapes disrupt the outline of the face, and the intrigue that they cause will override the tendency of other people to analyse the fit. Choose mirrored lenses and bold frame colors!

Try: Xena Cateye sunglasses

Sunglasses for men with small faces

Flat at the front: Flat lens sunglasses are difficult to align with the borders of your face. This is a good thing, as people are unable to tell whether the glasses might be too big for you.

Try: Avo Flat Lens Sunglasses


Halve the frame: The combination of plastic and wire in half-frame horn rimmed sunglasses draws the eye to the sunglasses themselves, rather than how they fit on the face. These sunglasses are perhaps the most versatile of all, fitting an incredibly broad range of face shapes and sizes.

Try: Theo half-frame horn rimmed sunglasses

Small round retro sunglasses : If in doubt, choose the classic round retro inspired sunglasses. Round medium sized sunglasses compliment a small face. Moreover,  add interest to the standard round pair by choosing one with a slight geometric design. It will have people complimenting you on style, instead of commenting on fit!

Try: Bexley Geometric Sunglasses

On top of these choices, there are a few general rules for finding the perfect pair of sunglasses for a smaller face.

  • Avoid wrap-arounds: Sunglasses that follow the contour of your face are particularly unforgiving when it comes to fit. Avoid wrap-around styles at all costs.
  • Look for narrow designs: While most adult sunglasses are one-size-fits-all, larger retailers will sometimes have smaller designs available. Look for sunglasses with a width of around 130mm, instead of the more standard 140mm – 150mm.
  • Don’t go too small: Like buying shoes, hats, or any other accessory, it’s always better to go for something slightly too big than slightly too small, both in terms of comfort and look.