What are your top 5 fashion accessories you just can't live without, especially for the summer? 

My top five accessories for summer would be a brown and a black pair of WearMe Pro shades, a brown and black watch option, as well as my Olloclip for my iPhone camera. I’m a stickler about matching my accessories, and I’m always grabbing random photos where ever I go, so it’s important for me to always have an option to get the shot.

How would you describe your style? Where do you draw inspiration from?

I categorize my style as "West Coast Casual" with injections of class. It’s mostly about comfort, but also about making small statements built from classic styles. I draw inspiration from everywhere, whether it’s fellow Instagrammers, Pinterest boards, or my everyday life. Thankfully, being in LA, I see people making all kinds of fashion statements every day, so when I see something I like, I jot it down or make a mental note to copy it in my own way. 

Fill in this sentence: Every man should have ______ in his closet.

Every man should have a well-fitting white t-shirt and worn-in denim in his closet. It’s the most classic outfit there is and if you find the right brand for you, it’s also about as stylish as you can be. It’s a blank canvas, so you as a person is all they need to see.

When choosing clothes, what do you always look for? 

When choosing clothes, I look for something that I’m going to be excited about wearing. If it’s just meh, then I know I’ll probably wear it once and forget about it. If I’m excited about it, I’ll wear it again and again, which will break it in and wear it down. That’s where the best pieces come from…lots and LOTS of wear.

What does you love most about being a fashion blogger? What's difficult about it? 

What I love most about being a fashion blogger is being able to positively influence other people. Getting feedback from my audience is such a motivator. I’ll get random DM’s of guys in a dressing room unsure of whether they should get a certain pair of pants or something and it’s so flattering to know that they hold my opinion in such esteem. The most difficult part about it is getting caught up in the grind of social media. For all of the positives it offers, there are always going to be days when I get frustrated by an algorithm or too caught up in engagement, which is when I force myself to step back and observe the positives of my job.

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