Work can be stressful. Incredibly so. The 9 to 5 is weighing heavily on the shoulders of many, and some are starting to buckle.

Your home should be a safe space – one totally devoid of any job-related stresses and strains. But it’s tricky to fully release your worries when you walk out of the office, particularly in an age of constant connectedness, where our smartphones push through phone calls, emails and LinkedIn invitations all through the day and night.

So how does a professional effectively unwind in this day and age? These top tips are a brilliant place to start.

Turn off the phone

Hands holding an iPhone in the dark

Your smartphone allows you to be more connected now than you ever have been before. This is a great thing for those who have a healthy and happy relationship with their work, but not for those swimming in stress. You’re not going to unwind with your work phone vibrating on the table, so it’s time to implement a rule – when you leave the office, the cell phone gets turned off. If it’s an important enough emergency, a person will call your personal phone.

Put on some tunes

The link between music and relaxation has long been known, and as such you can now access songs that have been developed expressly for that purpose. Whether you press play on a purpose-built relaxation CD, a ‘Best of Enya’ compilation, or a bit of Norwegian thrash metal (horses for courses – relaxation music takes many forms), chucking on some tunes can do your unwinding efforts wonders.

Clear the mind through fitness

Walking up the stairs, feet in running shoes, fitness

The release of endorphins that accompanies exercise can do wonders for stress relief. Go for a hit of tennis, throw around some weights at the gym, or throw your leg over a bicycle and get pedaling. Not only are these activities inherently enjoyable, you’ll also be building a solid foundation of fitness, giving you the verve and vigor required to tackle your often overloaded work day!

Have a soak

Light some aromatic candles, fill the tub with beautifully warm water and pour yourself a glass of champagne. If there’s any better way to unwind after a tough day at work, we don’t know it. Dissolve some Epsom salts into the bath and pop on your favorite album for the most invigorating soaking experience possible.

Get your Zen on

breathe neon text in pink on green leaves, meditation, peace

Meditation doesn’t just mean sitting cross legged and humming ‘oohhhmmmm’. It can take a wealth of different forms, and it’s just a matter of finding which one speaks to you. Perhaps you’ll meditate best in a recliner with an eye mask on, or while sunbathing at the beach. Provided your preferred technique gets you focused on just being, you can be confident it’s doing its job. If you’re unsure of where to start, there’s a huge amount of podcasts available that can help you find your meditative self.