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Ways to save money in the new year: shrink your fashion budget without compromising style

To say the least, 2016 has been…interesting. Now that a new year is upon us, many of us are vowing to turn over a new leaf by setting all sorts of New Year’s Resolutions—and dang it, we’re vowing to stick to them past the first week of January.

If your resolution happens to be shrinking your clothing budget without compromising style, we’ve got 10 clever ways for you to do just that.


When you first buy new clothes, you feel like a new (wo)man. Nothing compares to the butterflies of a fresh relationship with a beautiful garment. After a few months, naturally, the excitement fades. Before you know it, you’re sick of everything in your closet.

It can be tempting to buy an entirely new wardrobe, but we’re believers in commitment! Instead of tossing your trusted companions, spice them up with new accessories. Just one or two can add pizazz to dozens of different outfits. A velvet choker, a good pair of eyewear, a new piercing—you name it. The possibilities are as endless as our inventory.

Invest in the hunt.

Take the time to find something you love, instead of settling for something that’ll do.

Unless you greatly enjoy closely scrutinizing dozens of websites or stores at the mall, it can be tempting to get it over with by picking out the first thing you find. Stop in the name of love! Truly ponder the following: would you give up at least three items in your closet for the one you’re about to purchase? Are you excited by the thought of a long life together? If not, it’s probably not worth your dime. By applying patience, you’ll end up with a few items you wear often, as opposed to hundreds of items that gather dust.

Sign up for newsletters.

While no one enjoys getting spammed by dozens of retailers on a daily basis, pick out a few stores you can’t imagine life without and sign up for their newsletters. Chances are, you’ll find out about discounts you wouldn’t otherwise know about. Word to the wise: sales are frequent—fight the urge to shop every one of them. Make a list of things you’d like to buy, and save the plastic swiping for when those items are discounted.

Can’t get enough eyewear? Sign up for WearMe Pro’s free membership to get notifications of monthly hyper sales and more.

Don’t be too good to thrift.

If you’re not used to scouring thrift stores for gold, give it a chance! You know that cool girl in your high school who always had unique pieces from God-knows-where? Chances are, she spent her afternoons at Goodwill. Among the racks of hundreds of useless items hide one-of-a-kind treasures.

Nobody’s perfect.

Button missing? A small rip? Instead of tossing the item, see if it can be repaired—rather by your own hand, or at a dry cleaner’s. You can guess which one’s cheaper. (Hey, you’re setting goals for the new year, might as well pick up a new skill!)

Get generous.

Warning: This tip will not only make you more practical, but a better person to boot!

For every piece of clothing you buy, give away one of your older items to someone in need. Collect a bag of things to give away every month or every year, depending on how often you shop. This will make you think twice about everything you buy while keeping your wardrobe from overflowing with things you don’t love.  


Sunglasses are one of those things we’ll never be able to keep for a long time. (Unless you’re some kind of strange leper, in which case, suspend your judgment.) Whether we sit on them, step on them, scratch them, or just straight up lose them, sunglasses are something that’s constantly rotating because of how often we use them.

Thankfully, WearMe Pro’s subscription box cuts down on the cost of already affordable eyewear. At $29.99 a season and three pairs in each box, it’s like getting one pair free each time a box arrives at your door. The best part? The boxes, which arrive four times a year, are completely tailored to your style preferences. You set them just once, but can change them at any time! Genius.

Wash less often.

Sounds gross, but hear us out. Sturdy fabrics like jeans and thick sweaters need not be washed each time you wear them (promise). Prolong the life of your sturdier items by keeping them dry longer, and use the gentle cycle when they definitely need a wash.

Know thyself.

If you’re old enough to buy your own clothes, chances are, you know what looks good on you and what doesn’t. Resist denial and avoid items that won’t flatter your body type, fit your current weight, or match anything else in your closet. Never pick out an item that requires several other purchases to make it work.

Respect your belongings.

While we don’t condone the worship of material things, we do recommend treating your items as precious as the amount of time it took to work for them. It’s easy to throw things on the floor, store them in a moldy attic, or get too rough with them. Be a grown up and practice restraint, dang it!


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