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While snow is still on the ground and most of us are battling subzero temperatures, we know you like to be prepared. If you’re scratching your head wondering what styles will turn heads in the upcoming Spring 2017 season, not to worry, we won’t allow for you to be left behind. Here are the five best pairs of eyewear to be armed with when the warm breeze of March comes knocking. 

Clear frames

While clear lenses are nothing new, transparent frames are a surprising new addition to the eyewear world that swept us all away with their growing popularity. Whether you’re in the market for sunglasses or clear lens fashion eyewear, you won’t be disappointed. Make sure to pair them with light-colored clothing and makeup to really pull off this trend.

Pro tip: Clear frames are also a fantastic way to wear oversized styles, if thick dark frames overwhelm your face! 

The Jenny

The River

Blue and aqua lenses

Spring’s blue skies call for blue lenses! The perfect company to the season’s warm breeze, these refreshing hues will keep you looking breezy, rain or shine. The lighter lenses of the Andy will draw attention to your eyes, regardless of their color. The Arianna, on the other hand, is perfect for the days you'd rather hide than shine. 

Try the trend in these two round and cateye styles: 

The Andy

The Arianna 

Aviator glasses 

As you surely know, aviators aren’t anything new. However, they seem to have been updated with a 70s retro vibe for 2017! Metal clear lens aviators have already become a staple among celebrities like Kendall Jenner, while plastic double bridge aviator frames are a more masculine option. Feel free to borrow dad's while you're waiting for yours to come in the mail, we won't tell anyone. 

The Brady

(Photo Credit

The Bobby

Thick oversized frames

Looks like this 2016 trend isn’t going anywhere! Thick, oversized frames seem to have some serious staying power. If your features aren’t too dainty, go ahead and give this bold look a try. If you have a small face, this trend may not be for you. Luckily, “oversized” is a broad category and encompasses many different styles! Whether you’re into the classic cat eye, round bohemian, or hipster square, we’ve got something for you. 

Oversized Square

The Adler 

Gold & yellow sunshine lenses

Step into Spring with some sunshine! You may have noticed that the Spring 2017 runways are featuring a lot of yellow hues, on clothing and accessories alike. Looks like the upcoming months will be bright afterall! 

The Madison