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Traveling Gives You Freedom

When you stumble across Xavier & Katie Ritzi instagram - you can't help but thing #relationshipgoals. You can see the love and the deep connection between these two through every photo. Learn more about their travel experience and favorite tips! 

What made you fall in love with traveling?  

I think the simple fact of discovering new places and meeting new people along the way makes traveling the best thing in life. And of course the feeling of freedom and not being tied down in a daily routine. 


What destination is most memorable for you? 

We traveled to so amazing places that we could easily call home-  South East Asia was one of them!  Such a culture shock at first, but it grows on you and after spending a few months there we didn’t want to leave. 

Photo credit: @xkflyaway 

What are the first few things you always do when arriving in a new place?

Finding an electric plug that works and a good place to put our computer down to be ready to work. :) Katie might rearrange the furniture to make sure the room has a good flow of energy and maximize our already tiny living space. She calls it “Feng Chui-ing the room!” 


Eating is one of the most exciting parts of any travel. What has been the most memorable meal for you and where?

Indian, Mexican, and Greek food are our absolute favorites! We have become vegetarians about a year ago, and although it's been difficult to find vegetarian dishes, we’ve found that in INDIA there were so many exciting veggie options that were so full of flavor! But to be honest, Mexican food wins every time. I will always remember this freshly prepared guacamole that was made right in front of our eyes in Puerto Vallarta (Mexico) during a private and romantic dinner. The best of the best !!! 

Photo credit: @xkflyaway 

Most dangerous experience whilst traveling?

 There were lots of them! I think the most frightening experience we ever had was in Maui during the rainy season. We were attempting a 2-hour hike to find a secret waterfall with other photographers,  and we had no cell service and not enough food supply to carry with us. Almost 30 min before reaching the waterfall, it started pouring rain and we were caught in the middle of a landslide. We had to swim some parts of the way back because the canyon started flooding. We looked behind us and there was a huge flood coming our way so we had to run the entire way back to get to safety. So scary!


What's the best piece of travel advice you've received?

Never leave each other's sight, always carry cash on you, & keep your money and passport in a safe inside pocket.

Katie and I have this rule not to leave each others’ sight. But in the case where we have to - we always make sure we both have phones with working SIM cards so we can call each other if we get split up. There was one time in Japan Katie almost got on the wrong train without me and this was when neither of us had working phones. We couldn’t imagine what would have happened if that door closed and she was gone! Luckily she jumped off just in time.

Photo credit: @xkflyaway 

What was the most surprising thing you saw or did?

Festival of Diwali in India! The entire streets were covered in colorful powder, the people were gathering everywhere around the temples dancing and throwing powder and we were in the middle of it … for the best and the worst! We were completely covered from head to toe. It was crazy!


Would you rather see a lot of places or get to know one really well?

Really good question, I think we would rather see a lot of places AND get to know them really well.


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