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Top 5 Women's Sunglasses Styles for 2020


The new year is here, and one thing is certain: 2020 is forecasted to bring about some of the hottest ever trends in women’s sunglasses. 

We’ve browsed the catalogues and studied runway fashion to compile an all-time list of this year’s top women’s styles. Sure, hindsight is 20/20, but why even bother looking backwards when there’s so many fashion-forward looks in store this year?

All-in-all, common themes for 2020 include the continued popularity of throwback styles, the re-emergence of brightly tinted lenses, and plenty of 1950s and 1960s inspiration (but with chic, modern twists). If you dig vintage-spirited looks, 2020 is going to be your year. 

Among all the retro hype, we’re also seeing some fresh, futuristic looks. Top trends boast ultra-modern mirrored lenses, sharp geometric shapes, and elegant metal detailing in street fashion and runway styles alike. 

But who are we to keep you waiting? With no further ado, here’s this year’s top 5 sunglasses styles for women. They’re hot—please wear responsibly!

1. Round Double Bridge Sunglasses 

This year, the fashion-forward are doubling down on the finer details. Round glasses have been in vogue for eons, but this year they’re receiving a much-needed facelift with the edgy introduction of an additional bar.

Resting straight above the nose bridge, the added bar flattens the upper portion of the frame, offering dimension and aesthetic balance. Paired with forever-in-fashion round lenses, this style creates a perfect visual contrast between flat geometrics and circular whimsy. 

With a delicate silhouette and bold accents, this year’s round double bridge sunglasses are unmistakable nod to the sleek and minimalistic sunglasses of the 1950s and 1960s. They’re intellectual without appearing rigid and distinctive without approaching over-embellished. 

All-in-all, round double bridge frames put that perfect spin on a traditional style which is sure to bump your eyewear game from “standard” to “stand-out.” 

Styling tips for round double bridge sunglasses

When it comes to picking the perfect pair, pay special attention to the details like metal accents and lens tints. This look truly hinges on those smaller touches, so you’ll want to make the most of them. 

Metal frame stylings come in industrial-chic gunmetal, sleek silver, and rose gold. There’s no wrong answer when it comes to picking metal accents, but you’ll want to be sure they don’t clash with the tone of the lenses. 

Lens colors range from suave black and bright blue to tapered brown and classic grey. If you’re wanting to add a little extra pop, opt for reflective bubble-gum pink lenses, especially paired with rose gold detailing like the ones featured in WearMe Pro’s Ariel style. 

If you’re feeling daring and seeking to add a little dash of drama to the look, go for revamped retro tortoise shell frames, like the distinctive calico brown prints featured on the Skyler. 


2. Geometric Hexagonal Sunglasses 

As a fan-favorite of celebs like Cara Delevigne, geometric frames are quickly shaping up to be one of 2020s hottest trends. Clearly reminiscent of the 1960’s and 1970’s so-called “hippie” eyewear made famous by icons like John Lennon and Janis Joplin, hexagonal sunglasses add a nuanced edge to a tried-and-true classic. 

What we love most about this look is its undeniable “double-take” effect. At first glance, hexagonal specs fly low under the radar—but give it a couple seconds, and the style’s subtle geometric twist is sure to have onlookers stealing a second glance. 

With no chunky detailing or loud embellishments, geometric hexagonal sunglasses like the Bexley are perfect for fashion-forward women who want to make a statement without drawing stares. With a delicately angular frame shape, these sunglasses add a little edge to any outfit. 

They’re flashy enough for a rooftop party but subtle enough for a professional setting. With plenty of UV coverage and variations in polarized options, geometric hexagon sunglasses are also ideal driving sunglasses for daily wear. 

Best of all, their angular approach to the circular shade straddles the line perfectly between angular and circular, meaning this style looks good on faces of all shapes and sizes. Despite its many edges, the geometric hexagonal shade truly has no boundaries

Styling tips for hexagonal sunglasses

When styling geometric eyewear, think ultra-chic. Hexagon sunglasses already pack the heat by adding that extra edge, but if you want to nail this modern classic, gold frames are perfect for upping the elegance factor. Paired with black lenses especially, a gold metal frame works to accentuate those geometric accents and really sharpen its edges.  

Want something more dramatic? Up the ante by tapping into your dramatic side with colored blue or pink lenses for a little extra pop. While no one makes the rules and you should feel free to rock this look however your heart desires, style experts do note that cool-colored lenses look best on blondes, while brunettes truly rock nude and earth-toned tints

3. Retro Round Sunglasses 

Like the perfect pair of blue jeans or a classic white T-shirt, some things never go out of style. This year, retro round shades are all the rage.  

From the brightly colored, chunky specs of the 1970s and 1980s to the minimalistic, counterculture sunnies of the 1960s, round sunglasses have undergone plenty of evolutions in the last several decades. But this 2020 take is by far our favorite.

2020’s circular throwback shades ditch old-school plastic mounting for sleeker wire frames, and we are absolutely loving it. Elegant metal wrapping, especially in tasteful gold tones, gives the look a lighter, breezier look. This year, we’re seeing everyone from avant-garde artists to strait-laced businesswomen rock this modern classic—and honestly, we can’t blame them.

 While yesteryear’s round sunglasses featured near-perfect circles, 2020’s twist relaxes the look with pleasantly irregular angles, lending it even more flexibility and flare. A perfect example is WearMe Pro’s sleek, contemporary Nevada style, which calls on the spirit of that retro look while adding a splash of modern class.

Styling tips for retro round sunglasses
What we love most about these wire-wrapped beauties is their absolute versatility. Rock them at a game with a baseball hat and blue jeans or tap into your inner boss-babe by pairing them with a trendy pantsuit and smart heels. The possibilities are absolutely endless.

Because of their versatility, retro round sunglasses make the perfect go-to shades for daily wear, that’s why it’s probably a good idea to opt for polarized lenses when it comes to this style. Outside of adding clarity and increasing visual contrast, polarized sunglasses also reduce glare, making them a staple for anyone who regularly drives or bikes. 

Their straightforward base design gives you free reign to make the look your own by opting for funky lens colors like translucent green or soft pink. Although black and silver frames pull off the style just fine, gold frames are currently stealing the show.

4. Modern Cat-Eye Sunglasses

Very few trends have transcended the fast-paced laws of fashion and established themselves as timeless classics, but cat-eye glasses make that cut. 


This sassy, flirtatious style sauntered onto the scene way back in the 1930s. In a time when ultra-masculine, boxy glasses were a woman’s only option, the cat-eye’s feminine angles and flattering curves quickly stole the show. 

With a gently slanted frame and a girlish facade, the cat-eye style works to emphasize your cheekbones and soften your features. Inspired originally by glitzy harlequin masks, cat-eye sunglasses add an extra dash of drama to any ensemble. 

Of course, cat-eye specs have changed plenty through the years. The 1930s featured slender, winged looks with gold and silver embellishments. By the 1940s, the style had adopted thick, boldly colored frames and wider lenses. In the 1960s, the cat-eye transformed into the dramatically oversized, black-tinted shades made famous by Audrey Hepburn in her cinematic masterpiece Breakfast at Tiffany’s.

While today’s cat-eye looks still have all the same nostalgia and drama of the styles that came before it, 2020 has seen some extremely fresh innovation. Hepburn’s iconic oversized cat-eye sunglasses have stolen the spotlight yet again—this time with fresh touches like the tasteful cream colors and elegant gold detailing featured in WearMe Pro’s Aria style. This year, throwback tortoise shell cat-eye sunglasses are also making huge waves. 


But if retro shades and throwback looks aren’t exactly your cup of tea, this year’s cat-eye has plenty of chic, ultra-modern styles gaining traction as well. Our favorite example? The Bree. These shades combine geometric inspirations and sharp, clean edges to deliver the cat-eye style with a new and exciting twist. This model ditches the cat-eye’s traditionally sloping edges and gentle curves for sharp, clean lines and modern finishes that keep things feminine and futuristic. Its defining touch is the model’s matte black frames, which are absolutely huge this year. 

Styling tips for modern cat-eye sunglasses

Once considered a statement piece, cat-eye sunglasses have slowly transformed into an absolute wardrobe staple. Modern cat-eye glasses pair well with sundresses, office wear, and pretty much everything in-between.  

When shopping around for the perfect pair, your own personality and taste should be your guiding compass. For those with an edgier wardrobe, opt for cat-eye shades with sharp angles, full mirrored lenses, and an overall flat look. If you want to buckle down and take your eyewear style to the next level, choose matte black frames for a unique, softer finish. 

5. Aviators with a Modern Twist


Whether you’re wanting to embody the regality of a WWII airman or the elusive essence of an off-duty celebrity, aviators have you covered. 

They were the first true fashion sunglasses of the twentieth century. The style entered the limelight during WWII when General George MacArthur was famously photographed on a Filipino beaching sporting a pair. 

That image became a war-time icon and symbol of patriotism, causing the glasses to explode in popularity back in the US. They truly have not gone out of style since. It’s 2020, and they’re more popular than ever. Like an aged cheese or fine wine, aviators haven’t just survived the decades, they’ve gotten better with each passing decade. 

This year, aviator-enthusiast should go big or go home. While old-school aviators still carry a whisper of militant rigidity, 2020s aviators embrace the whimsical with bold, off-the-wall lens colors and oversized approaches. 

Styles like the Jaden, which feature funky purple tints framed by modern black wiring, are equal parts girl power and rock-n-roll. The style’s oversized frames are also majorly in, making them ideal as beachwear or daily drivers. 


If you’re looking for a modern twist on aviators that’s even more feminine and flirty, spring for pink shades—this year, they’re all the rage. A throwback from the 90s, bubblegum-colored tints like the ones featured in the Cambria are bound to make you feel like your favorite 90s rom-com heroine. 

Styling tips for modern aviators

We’ll be honest: creating an aviators-centered look that’s fresh and fashionable isn’t rocket science. Aviators have always (and will always) look good on everyone. Whether you have a soft, round face shape or an angular, square one, these glasses are bound to look fashionable and flattering. That’s why they’re so universally popular. 

The bottom line is that it’s hard to go wrong. When styling modern aviators, grab the opportunity to let your personal taste and unique fashion sense run wild. Let a little personality shine through with brightly tinted lenses, or opt for extra-large, statement frames for a little more attitude. Because there’s no going wrong, the modern aviator is the perfect style to experiment with, so don’t hold back!


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