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Top 5 Sunglasses Trends for 2020


Okay, so this year hasn’t exactly had the brightest outlook so far. But the sun’s still shining, and that means protective eyewear is just as essential as ever. 2020 has definitely had its hiccups, but at least one thing is turning out to be 110% on point: this year’s sunglasses trends.

    So far, 2020 eyewear fashion has ditched the mini-micro 90s-throwback trend and moved towards more universally flattering styles. We’re seeing a surprising and refreshing mix of eye-catching modern takes as well as tried-and-true vintage styles.

    The most exciting part about this year’s sunglasses trends? 2020 isn’t just a new year—it marks a whole new decade in fashion. We’re talking trends that will undoubtedly define this era for generations to come. Of course, that means it’s also the ideal time to freshen up your own eyewear collection.

    Ready to jump into the new era? We’ve scouted the runways, studied street fashion, and taken full inventory of this year’s hottest looks. Based on our findings, here’s a sweet, definitive roundup of the most essential eyewear trends of 2020.

    1. Round Metal Frame Sunglasses

      We’re not going to pretend that round sunglasses are the new kid on the block. Circular shades have been around for literal centuries. They were the apex of the fashion world in the early 1960s, taking the counterculture fashion scene by storm.

      John Lennon, Ozzy Osborne, Janis Joplin, and Elton John are just a few of the dazzling megastars that helped round sunglasses steal the limelight as the unforgettable fashion staples of the post-war peace movement. But round sunglasses aren’t just for the dirty-haired hippies anymore!

      Over the years, round metal frame sunglasses have kept their Zen ambiance and rock-n-roll spirit but lost their polarizing political associations (although there are polarized lens options available, of course, if reducing glare is what you’re after).

      This year, round metal frame sunglasses have circled back and stolen the show yet again. 2020s round styles are all about channeling the early 1960s, but with sleek updated twists that emphasize elegance and attention to detail. These fresh new styles might be reminiscent of the eyewear from eras past, but one thing is clear: these are not your granddaddy's shades.


      Styling Tips Round Metal Frame Sunglasses

      When it comes to nailing this trend, the key is in the details. Think mirrored lenses, colored tints, and elegant metal accents.

      Ultra-chic throwback specs like the wire-wrapped Nevada tap into the round frame’s classic roots while adding a little more depth and nuance. This style’s eye-popping range of tints are what truly modernize it, boosting the look from standard to stand-out. Reach for bubblegum pink or vibrant blue to give the style a surprising dash of color, or double-down on the look’s inherent elegance and opt for classic jet black.


      Want a round look with a little more drama? Reach for an oversized modern cat-eye style like the sassy and flirtatious Beatrix. With ultra-lux marbled frames and flattering curves, this feminine design emphasizes the cheekbones and flatters any face shape. As with all of this year’s most trendy round metal frame sunglasses, this style’s subtle touches are really what sells it—so lean into those little details.

      2. Vintage with a Modern Twist

        What do you get when you cross old-school charm with a spritz of ultra-modern appeal? Some of 2020s slickest new styles. This year’s sunglasses trends are all about mixing tried-and-true classics with fierce, contemporary highlights. The result are looks that are equal parts timeless and stylish. Plus, these hybrid looks tend to pair with literally anything in your closet. Can you say versatile?

        With this trend, we’re seeing a ton of influence from mid-century modernistic styles. Think tortoiseshell frames, clean lines, sleek metal detailing, light industrial touches, and a dedicated attention to geometric contrast.

        Of course, don’t get it twisted: these retro-futuristic hybrid styles may feature plenty of gentle nods towards minimalism, but they’re also rich with eye-catching modern features—especially when it comes to the more subtle touches. At the end of the day, it’s this trend’s perceived simplicity that makes its modern details even more eye-catching.



        Styling Tips for Sunglasses that are Vintage with a Modern Twist

        To nail the retro-futuristic look, seek out styles that spotlight vintage trends in new and surprising ways. The hardest part? Zeroing in on models that hit the mark without overstating their modern elements. Remember: the goal is trendy—not tacky.

        With a classic tortoiseshell frame and ultra-chic double bridge design, WearMe Pro’s Skyler is one of this trend’s most striking examples. It’s clean aesthetic and retro-futuristic vibe make it perfect for anything from corporate rooftop parties to lazy weekends by the pool.

        Again, it’s this style’s bold accents that really make it a homerun, so here’s some advice: double down on those finer details and don’t be afraid to reach for something that really pops. Go with elegant gold metal detailing for an ultra-lux twist, or choose translucent frames with industrial silver accents for a look that proves you don’t have to own a yacht to feel like a million bucks. 


        3. Tortoise Frames

        We’ve all heard Aesop’s fable about the tortoise and the hare (you know, “Slow and steady wins the race”). Tortoise frames might not make the boldest, loudest statement right off the bat, but their low-key elegance and balanced approach is exactly what’s turning heads in 2020.

        The style’s dual-tone motif is the tortoise frames’ secret weapon—it creates visual interest without overstating a patterned design. By leaning on the style’s subtle (yet powerful) variation, 2020’s trending tortoise frame looks are clear proof that basic doesn’t have to be boring. 

        The bottom line? Tortoise frames don’t have to work hard to get your attention. With a balanced color palette and warm neutral tones, they’re perfect for those of us who don’t want to sacrifice bold style and sheer elegance for ultimate versatility. Like a good cabernet, these babies pair well with anything.


        Styling Tips for Tortoise Frames

        2020’s tortoise frame looks are all about pairing the design’s timeless neutrality with eye-catching, vibrant shades. Our advice? Don’t be afraid to reach for styles that lean into bold, surprising variations. Because tortoise frames are so low-key, they offer the perfect opportunity to express your own distinct style in the finer details.

        If you’re after a tortoise shell look with all the classic trimmings and maybe a lil something more, aim to cop a model like WearMe pro’s retro-futuristic Drew. Choose a lighter tortoise print to double-down on the look’s versatility or opt for a darker tortoise print for a little extra definition.


        4. Clear or Translucent Frames

          Today’s fashion trends are seriously obsessed on emulating styles from the late 90s and early 2000s. Platform sandals, button-up cardigans, slouchy overalls, knotted headbands, and even puka shell necklaces are all back on the shelves and selling like hotcakes. We’re not so sure about the oh-so-controversial comeback of the velour tracksuit, but we’re 100% on board with the renewed popularity of clear and translucent frames for sunglasses.

          Best featured in angular frame shapes like our classic Ocean model, clear and translucent styles add a soft touch of subtle definition without becoming too loud or overpowering. Their frosted aesthetic has a certain Instagrammable charm; chances are your favorite influencer is already sporting a pair of translucent frames.

          The best part about this trend? It doesn’t pick favorites. Clear and translucent frames are all about flexibility; their clean aesthetics and crystalline coloring make the style complimentary for any skin complexion and face shape.


          Styling Tips for Clear or Translucent Frames

          Clear and translucent frames aren’t fussy when it comes to styling. To be honest, these bad boys are going to look great in almost any variation you can get your hands on. Which suits your style best is going to come down largely to personal taste and preference. So consider this trend a bit of a blank canvas!

          Of course, the naturally softer aesthetic of translucent frames does offer up the perfect opportunity to experiment with a little color without going all-in on bold statement frames. Soft blues, pastel pinks, and frosted greys are all on the table and worth checking out. Because clear frames are more visually toned-down, feel free to play around with more expressive oversized looks as well. If you’re wanting to make a fashion statement without doing any screaming, this style is ready to deliver.


          5. Polarized + 100% UVB + UVA Protection Lenses

            Want to know a secret? At the end of the day, fashion is less about how you look and more about how you feel. On top of feeling stylish, today’s consumers also want to know their eyes are guarded from harmful UV rays. In 2020, we’re seeing a huge trend towards eyewear that clearly prioritize protection, leaving their wearers feeling not only stylish, but safe as well.

            Mandatory safety standards and stricter product labeling guidelines have made consumers more conscious than ever about the sun’s harmful UV rays. The bottom line? Wearing shades that don’t make the cut on UV protection has some serious consequences: retina damage, macular degeneration, cataracts, natural clouding, and even loss of vision (to name a few).

            These days, smart consumers are demanding nothing less than 100% UVB + UVB protection lenses—something that affordable eyewear brands like WearMe Pro are fully committed to delivering in a range of show-stopping styles.

            Because they offer increased vision clarity and glare reduction, polarized lenses are also on the rise. If you drive, polarized lenses are an absolute safety staple—but they’re also popular for improving overall vision comfort, boosting color perception, relieving eye strain, and reducing visual interferences.


            Tips on Styling Polarized and 100% UVB + UVA Protection Lenses

            Thankfully, when it comes to nabbing both polarized and 100% UVB + UVA protection lenses you never have to sacrifice style for safety. Companies like WearMe pro offer an extensive collection of polarized sunglasses to fit any taste—all of which, of course, offer 100% UVB + UVA protection.   

            Just keep in mind: if you’re after more UV protection, springing for a pair of expensive designer sunglasses is going to get you nowhere. Even sunnies that can sink an entire week’s paycheck offer the same amount of UV blockage as any of WearMe Pro’s affordable options—any of which you can nab for under $25.

            Instead, if you’re really wanting to max out on UV protection reach for broad-coverage models like the ultra-modern Zane or classic aviator-styled Maxwell, which cover more of your face and deliver a little more protection. On top of protecting your delicate retinas, oversized styles also reduce UV exposure on the delicate skin surrounding your eyes, which can reduce the chances of skin cancer and slow signs of aging.




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