Top 25 Gift Ideas for Every Type of Valentine

by Misty Blaze February 07, 2017

Valentine’s Day is next week and you haven’t gotten your partner a gift yet. We get it – you’re procrastinating because you don’t want to buy jewelry, sweets, or stuffed animals of any kind. Sure, those gifts are classic, but they’re tired! Well, we’re here to help make gift-buying easier for you with a foolproof list of gift ideas for any Valentine. Just find whatever your sweetheart’s into below–be it cooking, fitness, books–and we’ll offer up some suggestions for a few unique and trendy gifts that will leave them swooning. 

You can thank us later.

The Traveler

So your valentine likes to experience new places. Maybe they’re a seasoned globetrotter, or maybe they just like to road trip it across the states. Whatever the case may be, your partner is sure to pack you up and take you along on their next vacay if you treat them to one of the following gifts.

1. Merax 3 piece Luggage set, $109.99 

Image courtesy of Amazon.

There’s plenty of room for all of bae’s belongings (and maybe yours too)  in these sweet, mint-colored spinners. Send your Valentine off in style and they’ll think of you every time they open up their suitcase.

2. The Best Things in Life are Free, $22.99 

Image courtesy of Anthropologie.

This handy guide will help your Valentine travel the world without breaking the bank. Featuring information on 60 different cities, the book offers tips on all the best budget-friendly sights to see, museums and parks to visit, and (most importantly) food to eat.

3. WearMe Pro Shadesbox, $29.99 per season 

Whether your Valentine’s camping out in Yosemite or they’re combing the boulevards of Paris, they’re going to need a good pair of shades. Make sure their sunglasses are always on trend by gifting your special someone a subscription to WearMe Pro’s Shadesbox.

The Chef

If your valentine knows their way around the kitchen, then these next gifts will be perfect for them. Heck, maybe your sweetie doesn’t know their way around the kitchen yet but they are desperately trying to stick to their New Year’s resolution to eat healthier–these gifts are for them, too.

1. Pink Mason Jar Measuring Cups, $12.99

Image courtesy of World Market.

What better way to convince your valentine to bake sweets for you than to gift them a new set of measuring cups? These are cute enough to leave out on display (and are also available in blue and red, in case pink isn’t your partner’s bag).

2. Reversible Prep & Serve Board, $38 

Image courtesy of Anthropologie.

On one side, it’s smooth, cool marble. On the other, it’s a rich acacia wood. Encourage your partner to step up their charcuterie game with this elegant prep board. Their party guests will ooh and ahh over it, all thanks to you.

3. Paderno Collapsible 3-Blade Spiralizer, $31.99 

Image courtesy of Williams Sonoma.

For the health-conscious partner, there’s the Spiralizer. Show your Valentine  you care by helping them turn yummy vegetables into something even yummierpasta! The spiralizer comes with a cookbook too, so the pastabilities are basically endless.

The Artist

Creative types can be difficult to buy for. You can’t just buy your valentine a bunch of art supplies – that’s no fun. Don’t get your artsy sweetheart something they would typically buy for themselves. Instead, check out these next gifts for some inspiration.

1. Picturesque Planning 2017 Coloring Calendar, $5.99 

Image courtesy of Modcloth.

Sure, we’re already into the second month of the year but it’s not too late to start using a new calendar. Each page of this calendar contains nature scenes, waiting to be colored in by your creative valentine.

2. Fujifilm Instax Mini 8 Instant Camera, $70

Image courtesy of Urban Outfitters.

The Instax Mini is so popular because of its portability and vintage flair. Not to mention, there are tons of accessories for the camera including mini photo albums, mini picture frames, and even a set of love-themed filter lenses. Gift this mini camera to your valentine and open the doorway to an instant photography obsession.

3. The Steal Like an Artist Journal, $9.17

Image courtesy of Amazon.

If your art lover is also a list maker, then give them this journal. It will get their creative juices flowing and force them to think outside of the box. With this gift, you may just inspire your Valentine’s next major project.

The Bookworm

Your valentine is the proud owner of an ever-growing library and appreciates the value of a good reading nook. They’ve got all the books they could possibly ask for, so what should you get them for Valentine’s Day? Don’t worrywe’ve got a few ideas.

1. Floating Bookshelf, $20

Image courtesy of Etsy.

Every book lover has a few select books that he or she has deemed “the pretty books.” Pretty books have interesting covers and are treated with the utmost care. Turn these books into wall art for your valentine with the help of the floating bookshelf.

2. Tequila Mockingbird: Cocktails with a Literary Twist, $8.92 

Image courtesy of Amazon.

Sure, this is another book to add to your Valentine’s hoard, but it is a special book. A boozy book. Your sweetie will love Tequila Mockingbird’s cocktail recipes based on literary classics, and you two are sure to get literally wasted together. 

3. Amortentia Hermione Three-Layer candle, $18 

Image courtesy of Etsy.

What better Valentine’s Day gift to give a Harry Potter fan than Amortentia, a love potion? This Amortentia candle is layered with the three scents that make up Hermione’s specific love potionfreshly mown grass, new parchment, and spearmint toothpaste. Make your Valentine fall in love with you all over again when they light this candle.

4. Adams Clear Round Vintage Frame Glasses, $14.99 

…And why not let your valentine channel the Boy Wizard himself with these retro, round frames?

The Geek

Let’s be clear here: “Geek” is no longer a derogatory term. It is used lovingly and proudly by self-proclaimed geeks everywhere, so we’re not insulting your sweetheart. If your valentine is a gamer, a science lover, or a Sci-Fi and Fantasy fan, these next gifts are going to be right up their alley.

1. “The Floral Awakens” Mug, $12.75-$18 

Image courtesy of Society 6.

Is your valentine anxiously awaiting The Last Jedi? Show them you support their fandom with this classy coffee mug, featuring the cast of the Star Wars sequel trilogy all wrapped up in tropical flowers.

2. Firerose Illuminated Mechanical Gaming Keyboard, $46.99

Image courtesy of Amazon.

Your gamer guy or gal will love this keyboard. It’s ergonomic, LED illuminated, and waterproof. While your valentine will surely appreciate this gift, don’t expect to see them for a while once they’ve installed it–they will be busy happily clacking away for an indeterminate amount of time.

3. You’re the Tyson to My Nye/You’re the Nye to My Tyson T-Shirts, $19.99

Images courtesy of Look Human.

This shirt combo featuring the two most charming scientists who ever lived is perfect for two geeks in love. Wear them and show everyone how you and your valentine truly feel about each other.

The Netflix Binger

Did your valentine watch every episode of Stranger Things in one day? Are they currently obsessed with the OA or some other Netflix original? Do they spend hours surfing through Hulu, adding movies and shows to their watch list? If so, they will enjoy the following gifts.

1. Ivory Faux Fur Throw, $59.99-$79.99 

Image courtesy of World Market.

Never underestimate the power of a good furry blanket. This throw will take your Valentine’s movie marathons to the next level of coziness. It’s available in two sizes, so get the larger size if you want in on bae’s blanket burrito.

2. Mini Refrigerator, $149 

Image courtesy of Urban Outfitters.

Time spent walking to the refrigerator is Netflix time wasted. Treat your Valentine to pause-free bingeing by gifting them this sleek mini fridge for their living room or bedroom. It is also available in black and comes with a built-in bottle opener on the side. 

3. Stranger Things Inspired Aluminum 6” Cuff Bracelet, $20

Image courtesy of Etsy.

I know we said no jewelry, but why not take a page from Mike Wheeler’s book and remind your Valentine that they are always pretty, blonde wig or not?

The Music Lover

Whether your valentine is an aspiring DJ, a record collector, or a shower singer, they appreciate music. So should you buy them more music? Nah, picking out new music for your partner comes with too much pressure. Try out these ideas instead. 

1. Beats Solo3 Wireless Headphones, $219.99-$299.99



Image courtesy of Amazon.

Watch your valentine bop around to their favorite tunes, uninhibited, after you gift them these wireless headphones.

2. Crosley Dansette Bermuda Portable Turntable, $177.87-$199.99

Image courtesy of Amazon.

…Or if modernity isn’t really your Valentine’s style, try this Crosley record player. Its smooth, spindly legs turn it into a piece of furniture befitting any mid-century style home. Your vintage Valentine will enjoy showing this player off to their record-collecting friends.

3. 1001 Albums You Must Hear Before You Die, $16.54 

Image courtesy of Amazon.

Your valentine will appreciate the chance to expand their musical knowledge with this book. Just don’t blame us if they start morphing into a music snob!

The Fitness Fanatic

Always on the moveHitting the trails or hitting the gym, your Valentine loves working out. They’ve already got all the leggings and sneakers and protein powder they could ask for though, so what should you get them for Valentine’s Day? We’ve got a few ideas.

1. Sweetbriar Classic Duffle Bag, $44.95 

Image courtesy of Amazon.

Let your Valentine know you support their fitness goals by gifting them this sturdy bag to shove all their workout gear in. It even has a secret shoe compartment on the side to keep stinky sneakers separate from your other gym essentials.

2. S’Well Marble Water Bottle, $25-$45 

Image courtesy of Urban Outfitters.

Quench your Valentine’s thirst with this ultra-sophisticated marble water bottle. Perfect for taking to yoga class, this chic bottle will amp up your fit Valentine’s workout style.

3. WearMe Pro Shadesbox, $29.99 

If your athletic Valentine prefers outdoor activities like running, cycling, or hiking, they will surely appreciate a good pair of sunglasses. Workout gear and athleisure are becoming increasingly popularit is just as fun to choose a trendy exercise outfit as it is to choose an outfit for date night. Give your fit Valentine some accessory options with a subscription to WearMe Pro’s Shadesbox.

Now, go forth and shop with confidence. You can even take all the credit when your Valentine gushes over their thoughtful gifts. We don’t mind! 

Misty Blaze
Misty Blaze


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