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Top 10 Budget-Friendly Fashion Influencers You Need to Follow on Instagram

I love scrolling through Instagram for outfit ideas and style inspo as much as the next girl, but sometimes all the designer and name-brand promotion can be a little overwhelming. After all, not all of us are being paid to get dressed! Thankfully, there are lots of down-to-earth, budget-friendly stylists out there who do it all for the love of clothes. Get ready to take notes, because these girls know how to make an affordable wardrobe look like a million bucks.

1. Dani Gomez, @danixelisa Dani is real-girl cool with a bit of rocker edge and cowboy ease. She makes a worn tee look like the chicest staple ever (with bike shorts! eek!), but also knows how to rock a blazer and some leather boots. Her winter looks are a masterclass in tasteful layering, but her style isn't intimidating. You could easily throw together something just as cool with what is already in your closet--just don't forget the casual confidence.


2. Janne, @jvnne.style Janne is a San Fran gal, but her luxe neutrals with urban flair could take her from NYC to Tokyo to Paris effortlessly. If you've always wanted that *influencer look* but could never figure out how to bring it all together, Janne's post will have you using your praise hands emoji. Her biggest tip for easy high-low dressing? "Get the shoes and wear what you want." Now that's a mantra I can follow!

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3. Nicole Alexis, @stayathomestylist For the ultimate Mommy-daughter dressing #goals, look no further than the Stay at Home Stylist. Nicole is a great bargain hunter, tracking down stylish steals for all her followers and giving tips on how to wear a piece multiple ways. Many of her outfits are from Target or Amazon, but she has an eye for finding the hidden gems and styling them flawlessly. She dresses up basics in ways that are easy to recreate, which make her posts perfect Stylish Mom inspiration.

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4. Pauline Haydee, @theminimalistmodel

Pauline's feed is full of beautifully-shot, full color pictures that take your breath away. If you love an aesthetic, follow her ASAP. Her style is feminine and flowy with lots of print and color, which pops against the saturated background of her hometown: Palm Springs, California. Her posts are a lesson in finding the perfect backdrop for your outfit, and while her clothes are budget-friendly, her designer bag collection is drool-worthy. Splurge on what makes you happy, am I right?

5. Raleigh Tay, @everydayraleightay

Raleigh comes across like that best friend whose closet you want to steal. Nothing she wears is hard to pull off or particularly chic...but she wears it all so well. She knows what colors and fits look best on her, and honey, does she work them. Follow her if you want inspiration for everyday dressing with that indescribable something extra that turns heads. You, too, can be the girl next door.

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 6. Kaysey Gerst, @kasey.jo.gerst 

Kaysey is a Boston-based photographer who happens to always look great. She's eclectic in her fashion sense, and willing to take some risks, whether that's pairing a high-neck, wide-leg jumpsuit with white leather studded booties, or topping a leopard print blouse with a red and white striped blazer. She's the influencer who will have you trying looks you never thought would work. And her travel blogging will have you shopping for flights on your break time.

7. Zaynab Arobieke, @zaynaro  This Nigerian blogger may be the coolest person you'll ever follow. She loves a fun pattern and a good vintage find, but her looks are never dated. A self-proclaimed promoter of "modest fashion," Zaynab plays with proportion and color to create visual interest. Not since YSL has a headscarf looked so bomb--and when paired with a tie dye shirt, a fuzzy purse, and kitten heels? Bow down.

8. Cristina, @cris.tinel Cristina is a UK blogger who loves a structured, neutral look. Most of her feed is black and white, with some denim and camel thrown in for good measure. The genius is that it doesn't get boring. Each look is unique, but because her pieces don't stand out and all go together, she gets a lot of mileage out of a limited wardrobe. If you're considering a minimal or capsule wardrobe, Cristina posts great inspiration for switching it up and keeping basics looking fresh and chic.

9. Thelma Arora, @stillloveglam Thelma is living proof that moms can still be stylish. Her looks are glam, feminine, and completely her. She's not afraid to reuse her favorite pieces for new looks (you'll see a fabulous gold slip skirt make frequent appearances on her feed), and she pulls together fabrics and colors in a way that makes affordable pieces look uber-luxurious. I call her the real woman's Kim K. She'll sprinkle in some inspiration from her Indian heritage into modern looks for an effortless cultural fusion. Her captions are funny and relatable and make you want to grab a coffee with her.

10. Megan, @thebelleofthebudget Tall girls, fret no more! Megan's got you. At 5'11", the Dallas-based teacher and fashion influencer has great styling tips for tall ladies who want to figure out how to use their proportions to their advantage. Megan is an expert in sourcing and sharing affordable pieces for girls who don't necessarily fit the fashion mold, and her posts are body-positive and encouraging. She offers sizing and styling tips for all the pieces she shares, and is quick to let followers know about sales, restocks, and sizes left available. For easy, casual style that suits harder-to-fit body types, Megan is like having a personal stylist genie in your Instagram feed!

Now that your bookmark folder is full of beautiful outfits and achievable inspiration, take a look at your closet. With these influencers' fashion tips, I bet there are more stylish outfits already in your wardrobe than you ever thought you had. And when you're ready to shop for a chic look at a great price, you know where to go. Happy scrolling!


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