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The Winter Trend We’re Loving: The Clear Lens

If you’ve joined us in the Northern hemisphere, it’s true, the sunlight’s taken a dip. Thankfully, regardless of your vision impairment or lack thereof, the clear lens fashion glasses are no longer taboo. No more unnecessary than our beloved stacked rings or velvet chokers, clear lenses are one of the easiest way to make a simple outfit go from blah to BAM. Let us formerly introduce you to the five types of pairs we’re obsessing over this season. 

The clear frame

Clear frame fashion glasses are at the height of modern day fashion, and an easy favorite with our customers -- perhaps because they look great on almost anyone! Worn frequently by both men and women, they'll translate perfectly from casual to formal. Regardless of which shape you choose, make sure to pair them with a light-colored outfit to see them really pop. 




The circular frame

Who says round frames are dated!? Considering these frames are among your favorites, we're smelling a comeback. For a trendy-yet-casual look to pair with your thick winter clothes, there's no better accessory than the circular frame, especially on a diamond face shape. Round glasses add just the right amount of nerdy-chic to any informal, cozy winter ensemble! Add hot cocoa and let's face it, you might as well be a Christmas card. We recommend pairing round glasses with a minimalist wardrobe. 





The oversized frame

It has taken a long time for some to warm up to the hipster oversized glasses craze, but it's unlikely this trend will be going away anytime soon. A favorite among many celebrities, geek-chic is here to stay. These frames would overwhelm a small face, so make sure you don't have delicate features before you rock this trend! 




The cat eye frame

For a touch of mystery and sass, you can't go wrong with the cat eye. These kitten accessories make a bold fashion statement, so pair them with confidence. Flattering on practically every face shape, this vintage look will make you look youthful yet glamorous. Channel your inner Audrey Hepburn with this undeniable touch of retro class and femininity. 





Semi-Rimless frame

These frames may be classic, but they're anything but boring. Since they flatter almost any face shape, if you're new to fashion glasses, the semi-rimless style may be a perfect introduction. A perfect way to enhance your features, you can count on the semi-rimless clear frames to help you look sleek and refined. 





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