It’s hard to think of a state with a greater array of wonders than California. The world’s 6th largest economy, the state is incredibly rich in beauty too. It has attractions – both natural and manmade – that make it comfortably the most visited state in the US.

So what exactly are the must-sees for this incredibly diverse part of the world?


The famous little island in San Francisco Bay has about as interesting a history as any patch of turf in the US. A prison that was home to the worst of the worst between 1934 and 1963, you can take a tour to learn about the prison island’s torrid history, and the one possible escape that may have occurred.

Lake Tahoe

A piece of freshwater heaven in the Sierra Nevada Mountains, Lake Tahoe is an incredibly popular spot for fishermen, water skiers and kayakers alike. Stay in one of the luxurious lakefront mansions for the full Tahoe experience.

San Diego Zoo

Sprawling over 40 hectares and housing 3700 animals from 650 different species and subspecies, San Diego Zoo is the only zoo you need to visit in California. Just be sure to set aside the whole day – there’s no way you can see everything in just a few hours!

Joshua Tree National Park

Stark desert landscapes and unusual rock formations make Joshua Tree National Park the next destination on our list. With a hippy history that stretches back decades you’ll also find some of California’s most interesting residents in this little area.


What would a trip to California be without visiting Disneyland? Built under the instruction of Walt Disney in 1955, 8 themed lands will delight both adults and children alike. Be sure to hang around for the parade and the end of day fireworks – you’ll feel as though you’re in one of Disney’s movies!

The Napa Valley

For those with a taste for the grape, California’s Napa Valley is heaven on earth. The only thing more delightful than the wines will be the view from the tasting center of whichever winery you choose to visit – there honestly isn’t a bad choice.

Yosemite National Park

A part of this world that seems out of this world, Yosemite National Park offers you stunning and entirely unique pieces of nature. From the forests of ancient giant sequoia trees to the world’s most intense rock climbing challenges of El Capitan and Half Dome, Yosemite is nature at its most grand.

Golden Gate Bridge

Completed in 1937, the one mile long Golden Gate Bridge is a piece of art deco heaven. So big is the construction that it actually changes the way fog enters the bay, forming a barrier against the condensation. Hire a bike for the day and go for a pedal over to the other side.

The Hollywood Sign

Nothing quite says LA like the big ‘HOLLYWOOD’ sign that looks over the city from the Hollywood Hills. Commissioned in 1923, the sign now boasts incredibly tight security after coming up against a torrent of vandalism over the years.