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The Best Sunglasses for Round Faces

There’s a science to picking sunglasses that flatter your facial features and bring out your best. First, you’ll need to know your face shape. If you have balanced proportions, wide cheekbones, a soft jawline, and a rounded chin, your face classifies as round.

The good news is that you’re in great company. Some of Hollywood's hottest heartthrobs (Drew Barrymore, Justin Timberlake, Chrissy Teigan, Chris Hemsworth, Mila Kunis, Kanye West, and Leonardo DiCaprio, just to name a few) are famous for their round faces and softer visages. 

Don’t get us wrong—rounder faces are naturally attractive, but their soft aesthetic and finer features do make them a tricky case when it comes to picking flattering, fashionable sunglasses. Snatch the wrong frame shape and you risk creating the “baby face” effect. Go too big on the oversized styles and you’re bound to look more like a bobblehead.

If you have a round face and you’re wanting to score sunglasses that fit perfectly and flatter your natural features, you’ll want to abide by these key styling tips. 

Picking a lens shape

Angular frames are a godsend for anyone with a round face. Generally speaking, finding frame shapes that flatter your face is all about offsetting your natural features. Square faces look good in round glasses, and round faces look good in angular glasses. Why? The visual contrast helps offset your face’s softer attributes by adding definition. 

Basically, you’re wanting to keep your eyes peeled for styles that feature: 

  • clean edges
  • well-defined brow lines
  • geometric shapes
  • sharp angles

For women, this means seeking out angular styles that add definition without becoming overly boxy or masculine. Your best options? Ultra-chic oversized square frames or browline styles like the semi-rimless or horn-rimmed. Cat-eye looks that feature crisp corner angles and a sweeping brow lines also fit the bill perfectly. 

Round faced men, on the other hand, tend to look best in boxy, rectangular frames. Horn-rimmed styles and semi-rimless looks are especially ideal because their rectangular shape enhances the jawline, making for a more masculine, GQ look.

Choosing the right colors

So, it’s established that round faces look best in angular frames, but if you really want to amplify those flattering angles and add even more definition, spring for bright, bold colors that give those crisp lines even more visual emphasis. 

Bright reds, deep oranges, bold blues and even loud patterned frames are all great options for the round-faced and fashion-forward. Bigger sizes, thicker rims, and louder colors are also totally on the table, meaning there’s a ton of room to play and explore. 

If bold patterns or hot neons feel a little too loud for your personal style, consider a low-key and classic tortoise shell print. This time-tested pattern adds a nice accent without becoming overbearing. Plus, its black/brown mix makes it versatile for pairing with pretty much anything in your wardrobe.

Of course, matte black and basic neutrals are never a bad go-to, especially for those with dressed-down wardrobes and fairer complexions. That said, don’t shy away from thicker frames or bolder, blockier glasses that work to amplify those flattering angles even more

Frame width and lens width

Sunglasses aren’t one-size-fits all. Like your favorite pair of jeans or most flattering dress, the shades that look best on you are going to be the ones that are specifically suited to your measurements. If you know your measurements, it’s actually quite easy to shop smart and score a perfectly fitting pair the first time around—even when browsing online. 

 Most sunglasses will list a size chart either on the product description or product packaging. If you have a pair of glasses near you, you can likely see these measurements on the inside arm of the bridge. Generally detailed as a set of three numbers separated by dashes, a model’s measurements describe (in millimeters) the lens width, bridge width, and arm width. 

If you have a pair of sunglasses that fit you well, use their measurements as a buying reference for future purchases. If you’re starting from scratch, you’ll probably want to take your facial measurements in order to score the perfect fit. 

Keep in mind—larger heads call for larger frames. 130-140mm is the average frame width for all face shapes, but round faces tend to feature wider cheekbones and fuller cheeks, meaning their facial widths are often slightly wider. If that’s true for you, look out for specs with a frame width more like 144mm-150mm. 

 When it comes to general fit, you should be able to place a finger between the arm of the frame and your temple. Ideally, your pupils should rest just a hair above the center of the lenses. Above all, they should fit and feel comfortable. If your shades pinch your nose, put pressure on your ears, or squeeze the crown of your head, they’re not quite right. 



Our top picks for round faces

Still feeling overwhelmed when it comes to picking sunglasses for your round face shape? No worries—we’ve got you covered. Considering lens shapes, color, and overall style, we’ve compiled this list of top picks for round faces. 

Best Sunglasses for Men with Round Faces

Square double-bridge sunglasses

With a sleek, modern style and chic double-bar design, the Mason is equal parts suave and sporty. Its generous lens size, unique double-bar design and accentuated brow line work to sharpen the appearance of your jawline and lengthen your visage. At 145mm, its slightly larger frame width is ideal for rounder, wider heads. 

Modern square aviator sunglasses

These edgy, modern shades feature an extra-thick frame and double-bar styling, giving it a more angular look than traditional aviator styles. With large lenses and broad coverage, the Harvey is perfect for round-faced men who want to sport a classic aviator model with a stylistic touch that adds a little more definition.

Classic semi-rimless sunglasses

With upswept tips and a width of 150mm, the Arthur is perfect for narrowing the appearance of a round face in order to create more visual balance. It’s accentuated, stylized brow line creates a dapper, masculine look. Opt for black frames for a more simplistic styling or go with tortoise frames for a more vintage appeal. 

Best Sunglasses for Women with Round Faces

Retro horn-rimmed cat-eye sunglasses

This dramatic, sassy approach to the cat-eye style features the sharp angles and clean edges that every round face needs. With a slightly exaggerated lens width, the Aria's angled brow line and upswept tips have a pleasantly slimming effect on circular visages. Create even more definition with bold tortoise print lenses, or channel your inner Hepburn with a classic all-black look. 

Classic horn-rimmed sunglasses

Classic wayfarer-inspired designs feature rectangular lenses and a flat-across brow line for a look that is both timeless and versatile. Models like the Finley are perfect for round-faced women looking to sport a wayfarer style that isn’t overly boxy or masculine. This classic model is a great go-to pair for daily wear.

Semi-rimless tortoise frame sunglasses

These semi-rimless tortoise frames give added emphasis to your brow line, which has a slimming effect on round faces. Styles like the Vin, which feature a thick top rim and flashy mirrored lenses, give this classic style a brilliant modern twist.



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