Oversized Sunglasses: How Big is Too Big?

by Jon Thompson March 25, 2017

Summer is officially on its way, which means it’s time to reach for the oversized sunglasses, that funky crop top that you’ve been dying to wear and your flip flops. Get ready for another fashion year of extravagance, eccentricity and going BIG or going home. 

This year, the top trends include:

  • Playing peekaboo with a cleverly placed flash of flesh
  • Statement stripes
  • Post minimalism
  • A mix and match pattern parade
  • Full on floral
  • Super bright colors
  • And sexy 80’s redux

All of which you can rock accompanied by the perfect set of shades and accessories. HOWEVER, the big question still remains: which accessories do you go for? How big is too big? Will your sunglasses make your outfit or be a fashion flop that leaves you wishing you hadn’t bothered? 

Well, there are some handy things that you can focus on that’ll help you to determine which sunglasses go best with your style.

Choosing the perfect pair of oversized sunglasses: How big is too big?

When choosing the pair of oversized sunglasses that’ll make you a sunshine goddess, there are several important aspects for you to consider.

Know the shape of your face

The rule concerning sunglasses tends to be, go for a style that is in the opposite shape of your face.

Sunglasses and square face shapes:

If you have what’s classed as a square face shape, you could have one or all of the following features:

  • You have an equal face width and length
  • Your forehead and jaw appear to be a similar width
  • Your chin is square or flat
  • You have a strong jawline

Sunglasses styles that suit a square face shape include: rounded frames and aviator frames.

Shades and round face shapes: 

If you have a rounded face shape, you can distinguish it by these characteristics:

  • Your face will have a similar width and length that creates a circular shape
  • Your forehead and jawline will be equal in size
  • Your chin is rounded with no angles or lines

Oversized shades that’ll look great on you if you have darker skin or hair can be more rectangular in shape. Fairer hair colors and skin tones may want to try colors like browns and yellows in frame and lenses that have a delicate curve to them.

Specks and oblong face shapes:

An oblong face shape has these aspects:

  • Your face is longer than it is wide
  • Your jaw and forehead are similar is width
  • Your chin is slightly pointed
  • The sides of your face are straight

Sunglasses that will give you a fabulous look tend to suite glasses that are more rounded. Make sure that your sunglasses don’t extend past the edge of your face to pull off a slim and sexy look.

Sunglasses and a triangle face shape:

Features found on a triangular shaped face include:

  • Your face is longer than it is wide
  • Your jawline is wider than your forehead
  • Your chin is flat or square

If you have a triangular shaped face, the shades that’ll suit you will tend to have sharper edges.

There glasses should be rectangular but can be small or oversized – choose your preference.

Other aspects to consider when picking some fabulously extravagant frames

Obviously, choosing the perfect pair of sunglasses isn’t just down to the shape of your face. They area vital summer accessory that can really turn your outfit up a notch! Who says you have to choose just one style anyway?! Why not accessorize your wardrobe with a variety funky shades that’ll go with each of your hairstyles, your fashion sense and your situation? The choice of sunglasses – oversized and otherwise – is substantial!

Just make sure that you do one thing: Choose the right pair for you.

Be bold, be brave, be stylish.

Jon Thompson
Jon Thompson


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