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5 Must-Have Winter Accessories

Winter gets a bad rap. Sure, its weather isn’t ideal for sun-soaked afternoons by the pool, but it is the perfect season to heat up your wardrobe with a few new accessories. 

Temperatures are dropping, but winter has its own perks. If you’re not a fan of cold weather, picking up a couple of these must-haves is a sure-fire way to add a little heat and excitement to your wintertime wardrobe. 

Besides, let’s face it: you’re going to need something more than Christmas to look forward to if you’re going to make it through these next few frigid months. 

Fitted gloves in wool, cashmere or faux leather

Ever heard the phrase, “fits like a glove”? If you’re thinking of the oversized mittens your mother used to force on you before neighborhood snowball fights, it’s time to upgrade to the lush elegance of a high-quality fitted glove.

For many years, gloves have been sold to us as dull-yet-necessary wintertime articles. Sure, they’re great for saving your fingertips from frostbite, but they’re also one of this winter’s hottest fashion accessories. 


Slip on a pair of well-crafted wool, cashmere or faux leather fitted gloves and you’re going to look (and feel) like a world of luxury and warmth is quite literally at your fingertips. Shop the women's pair pictured above, here. Shop the men's pair pictured above, here. Shop the women's style pictured above, here. Shop the men's style pictured above, here.

Turtlenecks on the rise

Turtlenecks were huge among bohemian artists in the 1950 and 1960s. As fashion staples of both posh actress Audrey Hepburn and burnout novelist Jack Kerouac, they’re just about as versatile as they are iconic. The high neckline gained traction well through the 70s, but soon fell out of vogue. Now, they’re back and better than ever.

Today’s turtleneck can be either neutral or bold, with fits ranging from sexy and slimming to slouched and cozy. Paisley, animal print, and bold geometric are just a few of the many eye-catching patterns you’ll see sported this winter. Shop the women's style pictured above, here. Shop the men's style pictured above, here.

Oversized and chunky-knit scarves

Cold weather is all about staying warm and getting cozy, and wintertime statement pieces should be too. Scarves have been around a long time, but this year they’re huge—and we don’t mean that figuratively.


Extra-large, chunky-knit scarves aren’t just warm, they’re also the perfect addition to any cold-weather ensemble. Tie them off, wrap them around, or fasten them loosely to the side— the best part about cozy XXL scarves is that there’s dozens of ways to style them.

Plus, if we’re being honest, sporting an oversized scarf is basically like wearing a giant knit blanket around your neck (but with none of the judgement or side glances) making this trend equal parts fun and functional. Shop the women's styles pictured above here, and here. Shop the men's style pictured above, here.

Blue light blocking eyewear 

Wintertime calls for lots of indoor activities, many of which involve screen time. If you love curling up on your sofa with a hot cup of coco to binge-watch your favorite series, you’re going to want to grab a pair of blue light blocking glasses. 


Whether you’re scrolling through Instagram, writing a term paper on your laptop, or binging Netflix on your iPad, you could be unknowingly damaging your retinas and disrupting your sleep cycle. Blue light blocking glasses will guard you from these effects while reducing eye strain and preventing headaches. 


The best part? These specs aren’t just practical, they’re fashionable, too. Whether you go with a vintage-style tortoise wayfarer or a flirtatious and feminine cat eye design, blue light blocking glasses are a great way to add a personalized twist to your day-to-day look.

The classic loafer makes a comeback 

Footwear styles may come and go, but the loafer is forever. It has a certain longevity: invented in 1936, this ever-changing shoe style has never truly gone out of style. This winter, it’s one of the top must-have accessories. With its sensible design and playful presentation, the loafer is an ideal addition to anyone’s weekend wardrobe, especially when the cold weather hits. Shop the women's style pictured below, here. Shop the men's style pictured below, here.

For men, they’re a dapper substitute for the summertime boat shoe, offering 1930s class with a touch of modern-day debonair. For women, they’re a feminine-yet-practical alternative to heels that can be coupled with a dress or paired with dark wash jeans for a more casual look. For a more casual, pared down look, try a mule (woven, animal print).


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