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Men’s Sunglasses Styles Under $25

Today we want to share with you the best type of styles under $25 for men of all ages and how to decide which pair suits you!

1. Classic Black Aviators with a Polarized Lens 

Polarized lenses are a must if you mostly wear your sunglasses while driving. They help prevent the annoying glares that often make it difficult to see. The aviator style is a classic design that matches various face shapes. It will never go out of style!

Choose these black aviators if you:

— You mostly wear your sunglasses while driving 

— You enjoy the classic design, you don't like crazy new trends!

— Your wardrobe is classic and you stray away from bold colors


Black Polarized Sunglasses for Men  - $14.99

2.  Full Lens Horn Rimmed Mirrored Sunglasses

The square horn-rimmed design is a classic but the full mirror lens effect is definitely a new trend in 2019. It is a bold and unique design!  If you are someone who likes to be on top of new fashion trends, this style is definitely for you!

Choose these full mirrored horn rimmed sunglasses if you:

— Love to have the trending accessory!

— You enjoy the mirrored reflective lens

— You like to add color to your wardrobe

— You have a more round face shape! 


Square Full Mirrored Sunglasses - $23.00

3.  Round Retro Sunglasses

If you like to rock 60’s or 70’s fashion - you will love retro round sunglasses. We have the classic round retro style with a metal frame, The Ethel. But for those who like a more modern twist on this classic, we have the Cameron which is available in various fun color combinations and is slightly geometric around the nose bridge.  If you want an even more modern take on this classic, go with The Alexis, a full mirrored flat lens round pair of shades.


 — You have a smaller face shape

— You would say your face shape is more square, round shapes will complement it!

— You like the vintage or old school style vibe! 

— You would describe your style as “hipster”!


Round Retro Sunglasses- $16.99

Full Mirror Lens Sunglasses  - $20.00

Round Retro Polycarbonate Frame Sunglasses for Men - $14.99

Round Metal Frame Sunglasses -$14.99


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