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I Just Said to Myself: "Let's Just Do It!"

How did you start traveling? 

I always wanted to travel the world, and one day I just said to myself: “let’s just do it!!”. So I quit my job, bought a ticket to Australia and left Italy and everything behind! I lived and traveled there for 2 years, started a brand new career in touristic marketing and have been living as a freelancer since. After Australia, I lived in Japan, Turkey, Vietnam, France, and the Cook Islands, Polynesia. 


What's a place you are dreaming of that you haven't yet been to? Why?

Believe it or not, I’ve never been to South America! I travel east very often and always say to myself: next time it will be the right time to go… next winter perhaps? I truly want to visit Argentina; my father lived there before I was born. I’d love to take him there with me one day.

Photo credit: @elisachisanahoshi

How do you prepare for a trip?

I prepare my baggage so meticulously that it takes me almost a week to do it! I love packing up and I do it very slowly, choosing all my items to carry around, all my matching outfits, avoiding over packing. So yeah, when it comes to my baggage I definitely over plan! I never over plan my itineraries though. I just choose a few highlights/things to do, and then I go with the flow. I love talking with fellow travelers I meet on the way, and I very often change my plans according to travel stories I hear on the go, the weather, and the spur of the moment.


How do you choose your next destinations? 

I love colorful sunsets, warm weather, fantastic beaches, friendly locals and funky vibes. I also love warm big cities, a metropolis where one can get lost. This is where my compass usually takes me!

Photo credit: @elisachisanahoshi

Eating is one of the most exciting parts of any travel. What has been the most memorable meal for you and where?

Pretty much all my meals at home in Italy! Italian cuisine is hard to pair up to! I also love Japanese cuisine: the ramen I had in Tokyo Asakusa stole my heart forever. Nothing beats a bowl of steamy ramen! Also, the Ika Mata fresh tuna I had in the Cook Islands. Tasty chunks of local tuna marinated in lime and coconut cream! Delicious beyond belief.


What is the worst bit of travel advice you have received?

“Always book direct flights to save time!”. Naa! This works for short haul flights only. For long haul flights, I personally prefer booking two different flights to shorten up the length of each flight. And what a great excuse for a stopover in a place where I’ve never been before!

Photo credit: @elisachisanahoshi

What’s the biggest thing you’ve learned about yourself since you started traveling?

I love feeling like an outsider in a new place. It gives me new eyes, a new skin – so to speak – and the possibility to see the world in a whole new manner while re-inventing myself on the go. 


Your go-to travel tip you would like to share! 

Turn on flight deal notifications on your smartphone to monitor the destinations where you want to go. We all have places that we always wanted to visit: go visit them, make it happen! Your life will not be the same after that! I mean it in the best way possible. 




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