It’s that time of year again: an excuse to be someone other than ourselves for a change. If your Halloween costume budget is low, there’s no reason to skip out on the fun—and you don’t have to settle for the cat ears you’ve been using for the last three years, either. 

Here, we’ve compiled ten costume ideas that use items you likely already have within the confines of your October wardrobe. And if not? The necessary “ingredients” are cheap. Set up your fashion treasure hunt, it’s time to get browsing!

Rosie the Riveter

Rosie Riveter Halloween costume idea

The political climate is perfect to embrace your feminine prowess. Best of all, all you need is some denim and a red polka-dot rag. You’re welcome.

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Nerd glasses Halloween costume idea

What you need: clear lens glasses, some tape, and overalls you’re sure to find at a local thrift store. Better yet, peruse a hipster’s closet—it’s a gold mine.

Suggested product: Wallace Thick Flat-Top Glasses ($9.99)

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Velma and Shaggy

Velma and Shaggy Scooby Doo Halloween costume idea for couples men and women

Seriously, who didn’t love these two? Snag a friend and bring back the nostalgia. The recipe: an orange turtleneck, a green t-shirt, some knee-high socks, and a pair of square clear-lens glasses.

Suggested product: Brad Modern Thick Framed Glasses ($8.99)

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Audrey Hepburn

Audrey Hepburn Halloween costume pearls black dress sunglasses breakfast at tiffany's

Audrey’s magic is that of timeless style. A little black dress, an updo, and a string of pearls—welcome to classy-ville.

Suggested product: Belle Round Metal Cat-Eye ($14.99)

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Waldo Halloween costume idea

While a pretty simple costume, there’s a pretty thin line between Waldo and prison inmate. Do your best to nail it by making sure to include the headgear and eyewear.

Suggested product: Blaine Round Metal Circle Glasses in Black ($12.99)

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Daria and Jane

Daria and Jane Halloween costume idea for women

We can’t resist couple costumes, and it’d be a sin to leave out this delightfully snarky duo that perfectly expressed all of our teenage existential angst. A blazer for each of you, a pair of glasses, and unseasonably warm boots—you’re set.

Suggested product: Benton Small Round Stud Glasses ($8.99)

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Wednesday Addams

Wednesday Addams Halloween Costume idea for women

Apart from a long-sleeved black dress and a distinctive white collar, Wednesday’s look pops with light skin powder and tight braids.

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Minion Halloween costume idea for men and women

It’s almost guaranteed you’ll get some brownie points in this getup. A yellow shirt, a pair of blue overalls, and round eyewear—voila.

Suggested product: Ainsley Transparent Round Clear Frame ($14.99)

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Comic-book character

Comic book character makeup Halloween makeup costume tutorial for women

The great thing about this costume is that it’s entirely in the makeup—no specific clothing is necessary. Anyone with makeup already in their drawer can achieve this trendy pop-art look. 

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Men in black

Men in black Halloween costume idea for men black sunglasses

Another costume best executed in groups. Gather up the guys, steal your dad’s suit, and make us swoon! Challenge accepted?

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Suggested product: Dave Top Bar Polarized Aviator Sunglasses ($14.99) 

What other ideas do you have for costumes that are both cheap and ready in minutes? Don’t be a Scrooge—share with the team below!