Don’t Let These 5 Events Pass You by in 2017

by Katie Opalinska February 20, 2017


Last month, we happily welcomed the passage of 2016—a decidedly tumultuous year for many. Between new political administrations, protests heard around the world, and multiple international impeachments, it seemed as though the current events we witnessed from afar mirrored the messy ups and downs of our own lives. 

It’s clear we all need a well-deserved rest.

While 2017 doesn’t seem to be letting us off easy, continuing the storms the previous year blew into our lives, five incredible events will provide a much-needed refuge. Attend one or attend them all—just make sure to replenish your tired soul.

  1. Free Spirit Gathering in Maryland—February 28th

Acutely titled, this meeting promises to deliver everything a free spirit is craving. All people are welcome, and no affinity is excluded. Between lakeside fire circles, evening singer-songwriter performances, or drumming and dancing with fellow attendees, the hippie in you is sure to leave satisfied. 

  1. Travel & Adventure Show in Los Angeles—February 18th to February 19th in Los Angeles or March in San Diego

Since you’re a proud wanderluster with a passport always in your back pocket, surely the name of this event alone has peaked your interest. The gathering promises travel celebrity speakers, food from around the world, and destination experts to carry you around the globe under one roof. Sign us up! 

  1. No Sleep Adventure—June 10th in Illinois (Shawnee National Forest)

If you love the outdoors, this event is for you. Taking place at the breathtaking Shawnee National Forest, the days are filled with trekking, mountain biking, and completing rope challenges for 8 or 24 hour stretches. Whoa, not for the faint of heart! Are you up to the challenge? 

  1. 14th Annual Greater Hazleton Rails to Trails National Trails Day Hike and Bike—June 10th in Pennsylvania 

Many of us would love to find out how to help care for the Earth while we enjoy its splendor via stunning hikes and bike rides. That's why the American Hiking Society provides several environmental health exhibits alongside its active events. Participants will also be given free bike helmets and a picnic lunch. Score! 

  1. All Day Intensive Backpacking Workshop—Fall 2017 in Virginia 

This event is perfect for backpacking newbs, as well as seasoned wandering travelers who want to update their skills. After all, the more you know, the smoother your adventure! The workshop will teach you to "dissect a backpack," prepare a first aid kit, cooking in the wild, and more. The best part? The classes are just fifteen minutes away from Shenandoah National Park, allowing for you to put your new skills to the test immediately.

Images are not associated with the events listed in this article. Please research the locations before booking your trips. 


Katie Opalinska
Katie Opalinska


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