If you are on Instagram and love travel pages, you must have stumbled on this couple! Laura and Nicolas, known as @passportinonehand stand out with their amazing content and signature photography. The couple has traveled half of the world but who's counting!? And we are happy to share our interview with Laura and Nicolas and get to know them a little closer!


How did you get into traveling?

We’ve always loved traveling. As kids, we both traveled a lot with our parents. And every time we had holidays at work, we hopped on a plane or in the car to a new destination. In July last year, we made a decision to leave home and take off for 5 months to explore some parts of the world we hadn’t been before. Sometime during that trip, our passion for traveling turned into our job and now we are able to travel full-time!


Where is your favorite place in the world?

This is one of the questions we’ve been asked the most and it’s also one of the most difficult questions to answer so we always end up with multiple places! We absolutely loved our road trip along the southwest coast of Australia, which ended in Esperance, a little town with the bluest waters, the whitest sand and to top it all off you can find kangaroos on the beach! Another favorite of ours is Nusa Penida in Indonesia, an island with some spectacular bays, beaches, waterfalls, and viewpoints. We spent 4 days exploring the island on our scooter, and could easily spend another week there just driving around and getting lost. The west coast of the United States also gets a special mention. It was our first real road trip together and you can just find it all there. We absolutely loved the combination of spending a couple of days in beautiful National Parks without seeing another living soul and mixing it up with the vibrant big city life in cities like Los Angels, San Diego, and San Francisco.

Photo credit: @passportinonehand 

How do you prepare for a trip?

It might sound weird but we don’t look up too much from a place before we arrive somewhere because we love getting surprised, and we truly enjoy living life day by day. We do of course prepare some important things such as our Visas and getting the right vaccinations when going somewhere tropical! When we do decide to prepare a bit better than usual, we tend to use a lot of Pinterest, which often leads us to some interesting travel blogs. 


How do you choose your next destinations?

The more you travel, the longer your bucket list becomes ;-). Together we brainstorm and make a list of places we would like to visit, we then contact tourism boards, hotels and local brands to work within that country, and based on the response and proposals we receive, as well as the price of the plane tickets, we decide on where we go next!

Photo credit: @passportinonehand 

Eating is one of the most exciting parts of any travel. What has been the most memorable meal for you and where?

Without a doubt kotthu rotti in Sri Lanka and tea leaf salad in Myanmar! Those dishes are a real specialty in those countries and they taste amazing! They’re often also the cheapest on the menu, so that’s another bonus :-).


What is the craziest situation you have gotten yourself into while traveling? Did it change your travel behavior?

Actually, besides from crashing a scooter, experiencing an earthquake, being scared as hell from climbing off a cliff and multiple food poisonings, we haven't really experienced any extreme situations ;-)

Always take caution while traveling, but don’t forget to have fun! Regarding behavior, our behavior changed a lot because of traveling. You become more humble, you become more open-minded and most of all you become a more optimistic and positive person. You realize what a small place you take in this big world!

Photo credit: @passportinonehand

Your go-to travel tip you would like to share!

Don’t plan too much ahead, it’s amazing to get lost and see where you end up! The most incredible places we came across weren't planned at all! The only exception we would make to this is to always plan your first night in a new country and try to read up on how to get there. There’s nothing worse than arriving in a foreign country after a tiring flight with no place to sleep, no local currency in your pockets and no idea how to leave the airport.


A lot of people wish they could live the way you do. Can you give them some advice about how you got started?

Dare to make a change! Dare to just go after what you want! We weren’t prepared in any way to live the life we live right now. We just DID IT! Because we truly believed it was possible. So pack your bag, hop on a plane and create good genuine content! Be willing to leave your comfy life behind and be prepared to work hard! Nothing comes easy. That’s the best advice we can give!