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Before We Were Partners, We Were Great Friends

Vin and Clodi (@litteltravelsbiglove) are truly an inspiration. They have full-time jobs and still manage to see so much of the world! We were so inspired by them, and we hope you are too! 

Tell us about yourself and How did you get into traveling?

Hi WMP Fam! We’re Vincent and Claudia, two part-time travelers from Italy. We met each other two years ago and we completely fell in love. We are two dynamic people and we have always wanted to do something new, but only after we met, we have started to travel. For us to travel is a way to escape from the boring routine: Vincent is a full-time worker and Clodi is a marketing student, so the only way we have to discover the world is to take our car or a plane and make weekend trip everywhere! 

What is the first trip you remember taking and how old were you?

Our first trip together was in 2017, we were 20 years old and it was six months after we met. We were in Apulia, south of Italy, a very special trip for us because we had the opportunity to get to know each other deeply and be together 24/7. That is when we understood we’re the one for each other and we made our relationship official!

Photo credit: @littletravelsbiglove

What's a place you are dreaming of that you haven't yet been to? Why?

A place we’re dreaming for is definitely the island of Bali, it looks like a little paradise with uncontaminated landscape, beautiful culture and lovely people! We haven’t been there yet because it’s far away from our home, and due to work we wouldn’t have enough time to visit every single corner of the island so we’re waiting for the perfect moment.

Have you been anywhere which turned out to be totally different to how you imagined? If so, how?

We have been to Braies Lake and yes, it is more beautiful than the photo. We couldn’t have imagined that it is so magnificent that it will leave us speechless. It is a stunning place, the view is breathtaking! We definitely suggest you visit it!

Photo credit: @littletravelsbiglove

What is the worst bit of travel advice you have received?

Uhm.. we do not get many tips, we organize our trips mostly all by ourselves. But sometimes when we ask to our friend about the weather of the destination we’re looking at, and that they have already been, they say us “Oh guys it’s so cold there, bring with you warm clothes” and then when we arrive it is so warm and we’re dressed in so many layers!!

Do you have any funny travel stories?

 We remember ones when we’re in Venice, we made a reservation in a Hotel which didn’t have photos on the booking sites. When we arrived it was so terrible, our room looked like from a horror movie and Vincent started to make funny faces to me. We laughed all night and we didn’t sleep because we’re afraid to be there! Before we became a couple, we became great friends. We love to joke every day! We always say we found our other “crazy half”!

Photo credit: @littletravelsbiglove 

Your go-to travel tip you would like to share! 

The only thing we can say is that travel makes you richer. You only get richer if you discover new places you can make an experience, discover a new culture, dishes, wonderful places and live at fullest your life! 

Guys, the world is big, so let’s start to travel!

Photo credit: @littletravelsbiglove 


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