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8 Signs That Your Wardrobe Is in Need of an Update


Fashion moves quickly. What was in last season may not be in this season. In fact, it inevitably isn’t. For all but the most committed fashionistas, staying on top of the latest trends can feel like an impossible task.

So what about those people who don’t have a natural talent for fashion? If you haven’t got much of an active interest in staying up with trends, how do you know if your style is outdated?

For those who are confused by the ins and outs of fashion, here are eight signs – four for women and four for men – that your wardrobe is in desperate need of an update.

For Women

Bypass the bell bottoms: While flared jeans and pants may have been all the rage in the 70s and early 2000s, they are a sure sign of outdated style today. Choose figure hugging jeans instead, although not too figure hugging – you want to avoid that muffin top!

Sequins and rhinestones: There was a time when little shiny embellishments made up of sequins, rhinestones and other glittery bits were all the rage. That time is not now. What was once used as a way to make an item classier now has the opposite effect.

100% high heels: High heels are excellent for accentuating your legs, and are still the perfect choice for dressier events and some workplaces. But the rise in popularity of sneakers and flat casual shoes mean that heels no longer need to be worn whenever you leave the house. Look after your feet as well as your fashion sense, and choose casual flats or sneakers from Adidas, Nike and Converse for everyday occasions.

Long fake nails: As well as being notoriously inconvenient, long fake nails also tell others that you’re not particularly fashion forward. Cut your nails to a smaller length, and paint them a simple single colour.

For Men

Baggy pants: Just as flares are no longer the jeans of choice for fashion conscious women, so too have baggy, loose-fit pants fallen away for men. Instead, skinnier fits – although not too skinny – are the best legwear choice.

Plain wayfarer sunglasses: While the Blues Brothers may have made the plain black wayfarer style the coolest sunglasses choice in the 80s, these days this is almost too basic a look. Semi-rimmed, coloured and mirrored lens wayfarers are far more ‘now’, while the traditional all black Blues Brothers look can be updated with a lens that is flat and mirrored.

Shop this style

Sporty socks: We’re not saying sports socks don’t have their place… we’re just saying that their place is on the sports field only. Dressing up? Choose a fun patterned sock. Going for a casual look? Choose an anklet sock that hides within your shoe.

Large prints on t-shirts: While large repetitive prints are very much in for casual t-shirts, branding and printing on t-shirts should be minimal. A large logo taking up the a lot of space on the shirt is not ideal. Express yourself by wearing printed tees and casual shirts, but avoid simply displaying a brand - choose a print that represents you instead!

It’s time to check your wardrobe. How many of the above signs apply to you? If you’re described by one or more, it might be time for a fashion overhaul!


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