6 Spring 2017 Trends and How to Style Them

by Misty Blaze February 19, 2017

Ah, birds chirping and flowers blooming – we are so ready for springtime. Here are a few upcoming fashion trends to look out for and some helpful tips for matching eyewear to your new spring looks. 

  1. Fresh florals

 Image courtesy of Zara.  

Evelyn Clear Non-Prescription Frames, $15. 

Florals are pretty much a given when it comes to springtime fashion. This spring, richly colored flowers are seen blooming onto long, airy dresses. Make this style your own by wearing a pair of thin, dainty glasses with one of the season’s flowing frocks. The Evelyn Clear Frames will work with a bold statement pattern (as seen in the dress above) without leaving you feeling like you’ve gone overboard on the accessories. 

  1. Sweet candy pinks

Image courtesy of Front Row Shop

Kelsey Tinted Aviator Sunglasses, $15. 

Pinks aren’t just for Valentine’s Day–expect this sweet color to stick around in a big way this spring. From the boldly shocking to the quietly pastel, all-over pink outfits are taking over the fashion scene. While it may be tempting to pair the above pink power pantsuit (try saying that five times fast!) with a square 80’s frame, try a tinted aviator instead. The blue of these Kelsey Tinted Aviator Sunglasses will offset your outfit’s punch of pink without making your look feel costume-y. Bonus: blue is another power player this season, so you’ll be doubly on-trend.

  1. Playful Pinstripes

Image courtesy of Pixie Market

Samuel Oval Clear Frames, $15. 

Business babes, listen up–deconstructed menswear is going to be very popular this spring. Classic oxford shirts will be twisted and tied up into new casual, everyday pieces like the top seen above. If you’re brave enough to take on this atypical new style, try pairing it with Samuel Oval Clear Frames. These small, ovular frames fit the classic business aesthetic well and will have you feeling smart and confident when you ask for that next raise. 

  1. Stripes, Stripes, Stripes

Image courtesy of Zara

Olivia Retro Cat Eye Sunglasses, $15. 

Nautical, beachy stripes can be found covering your favorite rompers, wide-legged pants, and boxy tops this spring. The look is nostalgic and clean, and it can be dressed up or down to meet your fashion needs. This particular long-sleeved top can be paired with a retro cat eye look, like our Olivia Sunglasses. The bold, clean lines of the Olivia frames reflect the bold lines of the topthese sunglasses will give your outfit some much-needed curves where all other pieces are stick-straight. 

  1. Cool Khaki 


Image courtesy of Front Row Shop

Adler Cat Eye Oversized Sunglasses, $15. 

Khaki is coming onto the scene this spring in the form of skirts, pants, coats, you name it. This utilitarian fabric can look a bit stuffy, so it is often offset by simpler pieces to avoid looking too intense. The skirt pictured above is reminiscent of a khaki trench coat, complete with a fold-over waist which mocks the trench’s lapel. Why not wear a pair of oversized glasses with this piece so you can channel your inner trench-wearing Farrah Fawcett? The Adler Cat Eye Sunglasses would be a perfect match. 

  1. Silver and Gold

Image courtesy of Pixie Market

Ainsley Transparent Round Frame, $15. 

Shiny metallic lamé is so 90’s and the 90’s are so now. This look is probably the season’s wildest trend, but it can be surprisingly toned down for everyday wear, as seen in the blouse above. It’s easy to look too overdone with a daring fabric, so try pairing our Ainsley Transparent Round Frame with your shiny new outfit. The transparent frame won’t distract from your clothes, but it will step your trendiness up a notch. 

Misty Blaze
Misty Blaze


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