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Best Sunglasses for Men with Bigger Heads


Finding stylish, affordable sunglasses for men is a challenge—throw a larger-than-average head size into the mix and the mission might seem impossible. 

If you’ve ever ordered a pair of fashionable specs from a sunglasses brand online just to receive them and realize they squeeze your temples or look tiny and cartoonish on your face, then you fully understand the struggles that come with finding suitable sunglasses for men with big heads.

Fortunately, large-headed men don’t have to go into these purchases blindly. If you’re shopping around for sunglasses that will look great on your fuller face, here are a couple tips to live by. 

  1. When it comes to coverage, go big 

It makes sense: bigger heads require more coverage. Sunglasses that are too small aren’t just uncomfortable and goofy-looking, they’re also ineffective at blocking out harmful UV rays. That’s why the best sunglasses for men with larger heads require sunglasses with broader coverage.

Ultimately, this comes down to the width and height of the lens. With a lens width of 56mm and a height of 50mm, the Zane is a golden example of a style that goes the extra mile in regards to coverage. Its fuller, more robust lens looks great on larger faces while successfully blocking out harmful rays with its 100% UVA/UVB protection.

  1. Flexible nose pads make for a better fit

We’re not going to point any fingers, but if you have a larger head, you likely have a larger nose as well. Defined as the area between one lens and the next, a pair’s bridge is a defining factor when it comes to whether sunglasses fit comfortably or pinch you with a crab-like grip. 

The benefit of flexible nose pads is that they can be adjusted to accommodate nose bridges of all sizes. Models like the Ace, which feature padded nose fixtures fastened to a durable metal frame, will comfortably fit noses of all sizes. 

While the versatility provided by adjustable nose pads certainly prove beneficial, models with fixed bridges will also fit fine as long as they are wide enough to accommodate your schnozz.

  1. Extended arm lengths is a must 

Also referred to as “temples,” a pair of glasses’ arm length ultimately determines whether your brand new specs stay secure or fly off your face the first chance they get. 

When it comes to fit, temples should extend past the ears, curving slightly to secure the glasses firmly in place. While manufacturers standardly make men’s sunglasses with temples as short as 120mm, large-headed men should seek out styles with an arm length of at least 140 mm or longer. 

A prime example of a stylish model with an extended arm length is the Jacob. With temples measuring 145mm and a molded hook that gently hugs the ear base, these classic-styled, square sunglasses are sure to stay put.




  1. Flexible hinges are a huge plus

Big heads call for sunglasses with a little extra wiggle room. Unfortunately, standard hinges create a rigid 90 degree angle, which is pretty much asking to be broken. That’s whey flexible, spring-action hinges are a must-have for anyone with fuller facial features.

On top of providing extra strength and durability, spring hinges also increase comfort. By affording the arms a greater range of movement, they fit better and prove more pleasant for long-term wear. 

  1. Pick a style to suit your face shape

When it comes to finding the best sunglasses, frame shapes aren’t one-size-fits-all. Men’s faces can be oval, square, round, oblong, rectangular, diamond, heart-shaped or triangular—what looks great on one will likely look cartoonish and goofy on another. 

Generally speaking, men with larger heads tend to have rounded face shapes with curved chins and fuller cheeks. These face shapes look best in square or angular glasses like the Mason, which features a flat-top brow design and squared lens shape. Together, these features work to define the face and give it a smaller, narrowed look. 

  1. When in doubt, stick to the classics

If you’re too lazy to sort out your face shape and pick a frame that suits it, there’s good news: aviators like the Maverick look great on men with all face shapes, especially those with larger heads. 

The classic aviator’s lens shape also provides plenty of coverage to faces with a larger frame, meaning they’re both fashionable and effective. Best of all, this iconic style is a timeless classic, meaning it will never become outdated or unfashionable. With AAA grade stainless steel frame, the Maverick is a great universal choice for big-headed men wanting something durable for long-term wear.


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