From where you’d rather Airbnb. Thanks to the hospitality disruptor accommodation has never been more varied nor exciting for vacationers, so here are 6 of the most amazing Airbnb locations that will have you seriously loving your summer break. 

A New York Penthouse

A 360 degree view of one of the world’s most exciting cities – a New York penthouse is an amazing option for those who want to enjoy the long, sunny days of a New York summer. And this particular listing is one of the best. A 5000 square foot residence planted square in the middle of Manhattan’s Soho area, you’ll have your pick of the city’s best shopping, food and nightlife. And if you’re feeling above all that (which might be inevitable – you’re in a penthouse after all!), you can just enjoy life and libations on the 1500 square foot terrace!

A Coloradan Cottage

You’ll be going to Colorado in the summer for the spectacular mountain hiking that the state offers, so why not find an Airbnb that fits the script? This Silverthorne home boasts a deck that wraps no less than 360 degrees around the house, offering some of the most picturesque views of the surrounding Summit country available.

A Texan Manor

Do you have 13 friends who are happy to drop $80-$90 per person for the ultimate in Southern luxury? Yes? Then this manor in Austin could prove to be just the ticket. For $1000 per night you can sleep a baker’s dozen in this historic 20th century building which has been recently renovated to add a touch of modernity. Each room is beautifully appointed, making your group feel like lords and ladies, if only for a night.

A Georgian Treehouse

You don’t become Airbnb’s most wished-for listing worldwide for no reason. This little treehouse that somehow finds itself in the in-town of Atlanta, Georgia is an absolute dream. Dialling the cuteness up to 11, you get a stunningly furnished and appointed suite amongst the Georgian trees, with timber fittings, entertainment and comfort all provided at a very reasonable rate.

The Portland Experience

Nothing says Portland quite like upcycling, and that’s exactly what this little apartment in the neighborhood of Richmond offers. Originally nothing more than a 2 car garage, the ‘Zen Loft’ has made use of recycled timber, stainless steel and a brave colour theme to create a space of unabashed style. Within just a few blocks of Portland’s best bars and restaurants, the location doesn’t let it down either!

Off-Grid in New Mexico

The Earthship community has gained a bit of notoriety over the years as environmental renegades, and their Airbnb offerings stay true to that mission. You can stay in this semi-underground studio in Taos, New Mexico, and feel good about the fact you are generating your own water, power, heating and (perhaps most importantly for your summer vacation) cooling!