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Top 5 Tips to Finding the Cheapest Airfares during Summer

Summer is vacation time. There’s nothing better than enjoying the warm weather with the blue sky above you and the sand between your toes. But before you enjoy yourself you first have to get to your destination, which can often prove a costly task.

So how do you get to where you want to go as cheaply as possible? Here are 5 tips to finding the cheapest airfares this summer.

  1.  Use airports that are cheaper to fly out of

According to cheapflights.com’s Airport Affordability Index, the cheapest average flight price in the US can be found at Daugherty Field airport in Long Beach, California. While this list is skewed toward places which don’t offer international travel, it still gives interesting insight into which parts of the country may be cheapest to fly in and out of.

  1. The bigger the airport, the better

Generally speaking, the bigger the airport, the better. With airlines paying to use airport space, the more flights that they are able to run through a location, the cheaper the flights.

  1.  Choose heavily travelled routes

The above point extends to the routes that airlines travel. A well-established route will fly more passengers, and it’s a basic rule of economics that a larger quantity will lower the price. The bigger the plane, the lower the per-person rate. Whether it’s an international or domestic service, aim to include a heavily travelled route within the journey to make your money stretch as far as you can.

  1. Use flight collation sites

Flight collation sites such as Skyscanner, Google Flights and Momondo do the hard work for you. They search the web for the best deals on every possible route, and offer them up to you on a silver platter. Skyscanner and Google Flights are best for those simply looking for the cheapest destination, while Momondo is great if you’ve got a specific destination and date in mind, and are looking for the best flight price possible.

  1.  Time your booking right

When is the best time to book a flight? If you buy too early you risk purchasing a ticket entirely undiscounted. If you buy too late you may be purchasing the last ticket available, which will cost you far more than it would have when they first went on sale. While this question is always a difficult one to answer, a survey of 350 million airfares by CheapAir.com found that domestic flights are best booked between 3 weeks and 3 months before leaving, and international flights should be locked in at least 2 months before departure.

By following these tips you’ll not only get to where you want to go, you’ll have more than enough cash to splash on the other end!


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