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5 Reasons to Shop for Affordable Sunglasses

 The jig is up: those big-budget, designer sunglasses just aren’t worth their hefty prices. 
As companies like WearMe Pro have started offering high-quality, affordable sunglasses to fit any budget, more and more consumers are ditching pricey brand names.

So what’s the drawback of opting for a more wallet-friendly pair of sunnies? Honestly, there isn’t one. Still not sold? Here’s why more and more consumers are steering clear of so-called “high-end” designer money pits in favor of equally stylish but more
affordable sunglasses

1. You won’t feel as bad when you lose or break them

Check out any theme park, pool, or sporting facility’s lost and found—they’re all littered with sunglasses. When an estimated 55% of adults in the United States lose their shades ever year, there’s a really good chance you’ll eventually misplace any pair of sunnies you buy. 
If you don’t lose them, there’s an even better chance you’ll break them. We’re not trying to be morbid, but the bottom line is that all sunglasses (whether they’re priced high or low) have a pretty short lifespan. 
If you want to spend hundreds (or even thousands) of dollars each year continually replacing your sunglasses, buying high-ticket specs is a great way to do it. If you’d rather feel free to use and wear your sunnies without fear, then affordable sunglasses are the way to go.

2. You avoid paying outrageous logo markups

Imagine that you’re holding a pair of affordable sunglasses and a pair of designer shades. Both feature a timeless aviator design with polycarbonate lenses and stainless-steel frames. How would you even tell the pricey brand name model from the more affordable alternative?
If you’re thinking about the label, you’re on the right track. There’s no physical, stylistic, or manufacturing difference between affordable sunglasses and expensive designer specs. In truth, that logo is the only thing that really sets so-called “top-tier” models apart from cut-rate alternatives. 
Despite its size, that tiny sticker is incredibly expensive. Ray-Ban’s aviators, for example, can set you back as much as $150 or $250—meanwhile, WearMe Pro’s black aviator sunglasses have all the same class and style for just $23.
How can eyewear companies get away with charging so much for what is essentially the same product? It’s simple: they know that consumers are naive enough to pay for the brand name. 
The good news is that you don’t have to fall for that. Outsmarting the eyewear industry giants is easy. If paying through the nose for that itty-bitty logo isn’t your cup of tea, then more reasonably priced sunglasses are the way to go. 

3. You get the same UV protection with affordable sunglasses

When it comes to sunglasses, a higher price tag doesn’t mean more protection—it just means less money in your wallet. 
In fact, studies show that both affordable sunglasses and designer styles offer the same amount of defense against harmful UV rays. In other words, those $400 designer shades won’t protect your eyes any more than a $20 pair of budget sunnies.

If you’re wanting to double-down and guard your eyes against the sun, the key isn’t to spring for pricey sunglasses, it’s picking out a style that offers added coverage. Large lens shapes and wrap-around styles are especially effective at blocking out harmful UV rays from all angles. 

4. You don’t have to commit to just one style

You wouldn’t wear your ratty gym sneakers to a wedding or throw on stilettos for a long hike— that’s why you probably own at least a few pairs of shoes. Why are sunglasses any different?
Over-investing in luxury brands will mean you’re stuck wearing the same shades whether you’re at a football game or attending an elegant rooftop party; opting for a more affordable pair of sunglasses means you have a little extra cash to buy a pair for every occasion.
Plus, there’s a certain practicality to owning multiple pairs. After all, not all sunglasses are the same. For example, these round polarized sunglasses are great for driving because they cut glare and increase visibility, but non-polarized glasses are best for operating heavy machinery, navigating GPS systems, or flying an airplane. 
Thankfully, when you opt for cheaper sunglasses instead of luxury brands, your budget can accommodate the right sunglasses for every occasion, mood, and activity.

5. You’re looking for budget-friendly gift ideas

If you’re like the rest of us, there’s a pretty good chance you’re always on the hunt for budget-friendly holiday tips and frugal gift ideas. If you’re looking for a present that’s lux-looking and secretly reasonable, affordable sunglasses are a lifesaver. 
When it comes to eyewear there’s a massive variation in prices. Thankfully, that makes it pretty easy to pick up affordable, high-grade sunglasses that have all the luxury and looks of a pricey gift at a fraction of the cost. 
Plus, literally everyone wears sunglasses, meaning they’re perfect for the notoriously hard-to-buy-for. Even if they already have a pair, another style or color is always welcomed, making sunglasses the ideal catch-all gift for literally anyone on your list. 



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