Road trips are an American institution. Cruising the highways of our vast land offers up feelings of freedom, excitement and adventure, but these feeling generally only last for so long. Such a vast land means that road trips can last for hours, even days. You need to break up the monotony by taking regular breaks, and while gas stations and fast food restaurants might serve as handy pit stops, they’re not exactly exciting

But there’s no need to fret – there are a wealth of roadside novelties that are far more memorable than the inside of a McDonald's. Here are 5 of the most fun and quirky.

  1.       Giant Beatles Statues, Houston, Texas

Just off Houston’s I-10 you’ll find a touching - and gigantic – tribute to the biggest selling group of all time. The work of artist David Adickes, four concrete statues depict Beatles members John, Paul, George and Ringo in 36 foot high glory. A favourite of Instagrammers, their contemporary style has captured the imagination of road trippers for years.

  1.       Carhenge, Alliance, Nebraska

Inspired by the millennia old structure in England, Nebraska’s Carhenge is one of the most unique roadside displays in all the US. Made of classic American automobiles and finished in a spray painted gray, Carhenge has exactly the same dimensions as the English original, and reflects its current dilapidated state. Creator Jim Reinders completed the sculpture in 1987.

  1.       World’s Largest Ball of Paint, Alexandria, Indiana

There’s no mystery as to what you’re going to see if you turn off the N 200 W in Indiana. The work of the fantastically named Michael Carmichael, the World’s Largest Ball of Paint is exactly what it says on the packet. In 1977 Carmichael encouraged his son to paint a baseball with some house paint, and ever since that fateful day he has been religiously covering the ball with layer upon layer of paint, resulting in a baseball hearted behemoth currently weighing in at no less than 2.5 tons, and measuring 14 feet in circumference.

  1.       Salvation Mountain, Slab City, California

Made famous by the film Into the Wild, Salvation Mountain sits at the entrance to Slab City – home of transients, eccentrics and ne’er-do-wells. One of its residents, Leonard Night, spent no less than two decades constructing a mountain out of concrete, adobe and acrylic paint, and the result is a truly bizarre tribute to the big man in the sky.

  1.       Field of Corn, Dublin, Ohio
Corn plays a big part in many Ohioans’ lives, so it’s only fitting that the state has paid tribute to its agricultural heritage. The Field of Corn consists of 109 concrete ears of corn, each measuring 8’ tall and weighing 1500 lbs. If you’re into your corn you’ll be interested to know that the variety represented is Corn Belt Dent Corn, which for those playing at home is a double-cross hybrid variety.