5 Non-Cliché Gift Ideas for Your Partner This Valentine's Day

by Michael Catford January 22, 2017

Valentine’s Day means flowers and chocolates, right? If you’re a regular Joe or Joan on the street then sure, that’s exactly what your significant other should be getting on February 14th.

But you’re not regular. You’re exciting, you’re passionate, and you realize that this person means more to you than a cheap rose and a few dollars’ worth of Hershey’s. You want to give your partner something surprising and meaningful this Valentine’s Day.

Let’s have a look at 5 non-cliché Valentine’s gift ideas that are sure to get your significant other’s heart racing.

1)      Commemorate Your First Date

Where did it all begin for you two? Was it a blind date at a restaurant? A party at a mutual friend’s house? Valentine’s Day represents a great chance to recreate that first date for your partner, and relive the excitement of that moment. Take them to that restaurant, or ask your friend if they’d mind if you cooked at the house you met in.

Alternatively, you could find a photo of that night and get it printed on canvas. No photos of that night? Google the GPS co-ordinates of where you first met and create a wall hanging out of them.

2)      A Personal Coupon Book

A cute offering that won’t cost you much at all, a personal coupon book can have the loving feeling of Valentine’s Day stretching on for weeks, perhaps even months. Create a coupon book with deals such as ‘I get to choose the movie tonight’ or ‘I’m right’, and allow your other half to cash these in whenever they see fit. Make the deals personal, funny, or even saucy.

3)      WearMe Pro Subscription Box

Fashion is a particularly tricky thing to choose for your partner. While you’ll have a good idea of their taste, there’s always the fear that you won’t know exactly what to get them, or that you’re a little behind the times when it comes to style.

If your partner is a fashionista, the WearMe Pro subscription box takes all the worry out of Valentine’s Day gift giving. Offer up basic info on your partner’s style and colour preferences, and the team at WearMe Pro will deliver a box of 3 of the latest and greatest sunglass styles every season to your partner so that they’re always on the leading edge of fashion.

4)      Couples Cooking Class

You and your partner have to eat – that’s a fact. So why not have a little bit of fun in the process? Cooking for each other is an important part of most relationships, so booking into a cooking class for you and your partner is a great way to go. It can turn dinner time from stressful to stimulating, and can improve not only both of your cooking skills, but your relationship as a whole.

5)      Bottle Your Own Alcohol

While a bottle of red wine is another Valentine’s cliché, if you bottle it yourself it goes from boring to breathtaking. A day stomping grapes and filling bottles is incredibly fun, and you’ll end it with a souvenir that you can take home and drink years down the track. And for the non-wine drinkers out there, a bourbon, gin or beer making day is just as much fun!

Michael Catford
Michael Catford


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