Here's the thing about that unique, adventurous person in your life: they probably aren't a big fan of mindless consumerism, or gifts that scream "I realized I haven't gotten you anything on my way out of the pharmacy when buying dog food." But with so many meaningless products on every shelf in the mall, what do you get someone to show them you truly know them? No worries--we've found five gifts that even your most interesting and discerning friends will appreciate. 

A Traveler's Scratch Map 

The scratch map allows the receiver to show off all the places they've been in a slightly more attractive (and more portable!) way than endless pins. 


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Personalized Coordinate Jewelry 

No matter how much we are on the move, most of us have a place close to our hearts that we consider home.

There are countless of well-known retailers now making personalized jewelry. Therefore, it may have our name on it, but we all end up looking the same nonetheless. For a truly unique, personalized piece, we recommend small, at-home online sellers. Check out a couple of our favorites: 

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Kraus Haus Krafts


Even when traveling light, there's one thing you'll always want to have in your pocket: a pair of shades! SHADESBOX, for both men and women, is a seasonal sunglasses subscription box tailored to every individual's style. Not only will your friends be delighted by the gift that keeps on giving (it will continue to be delivered four times a year), but they'll be flattered that you've taken the time to notice their tastes. 

DIY Perfume 

For that special someone, we can't think of a more romantic gift than a homemade perfume with a story or reason behind every note and scent. Here's how to get started


Birth Month Flower Necklace 

Most people know their zodiac signs and even their birth stones, but with this gift, you'll surprise them with something they probably don't even know about themselves: their birth month flower! Every necklace is made with a real dried bud, each with a story about where they come from - from Utah to Vietnam. 


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