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20 Things That Should Be on Your Bucket List

Nobody lives forever. It’s sad, but it’s true. We’ve only got a finite amount of time on this earth, which is why many of us want to pack as much in as possible. Thus the bucket list was born. A list of tasks and challenges that you push yourself to complete by the time you kick the bucket.

While each person will have their own list of priorities, there are a few bucket list items that don’t discriminate. Here are 20 things that should be on everyone’s bucket list, regardless of your age, sex, race, creed or color.


1. Visit an underdeveloped country: Seeing how the less fortunate live can be a life-changing experience.

2. See the pyramids: Of the seven wonders of the ancient world, this is the only one still standing.

3. Travel through an area of the world with a different language: Without knowing the language, you’re forced to communicate through other means. You soon work out that we’re all just human.

4. Try every mode of transport: You’ve got planes, train and automobiles. But you’ve also got hot air balloon, dog sled, monorail, horse and cart… the list goes on and on.

5. Live in a different country: Settle in a foreign land for at least 6 months. Soak in the beautiful diversity of culture.


6. Learn a new language: Language is what makes humans human. Learning a new one allows you to hear from a whole new group of people.

7. Run a marathon: The marathon is the ultimate test of physical endurance. See what your body is capable of.

8. Speak publicly in front of 1000+ people: The most common phobia, public speaking is the sort of challenge worthy of a bucket list.

9. Learn a musical instrument: Another challenge of both the body and the mind, learning to create music is an incredible feat (among Nobel Prize winners, there are a disproportionate amount of musicians!)

10. Write and publish a book: Our words will live longer than we ever will. Immortalize yourself by publishing a book.


11. Go scuba diving: Visit the 70% of the planet that hardly anyone does – beneath the ocean’s waves.

12. Go skydiving: The ultimate thrill, skydiving is the most accessible and rewarding of extreme sports.

13. Meet your idol: Do you idolize a particular person? Make it your mission to not only meet them, but to sit down and speak with them. Start things off by penning them a simple letter of request.

14. Build and bury a time capsule: Another way to immortalize yourself, your friendship group or your family, seal up some memories in a time capsule for future generations to discover.

15. Watch every movie on IMDB’s top 250 list: This list represents human storytelling at its finest. Invest the time to watch them all.

Give Back

16. Perform a month’s worth of random acts of kindness: It may seem like you’d be doing the giving, but performing random acts of kindness can be the most rewarding experience you’ll ever have.

17. Teach someone something: Teachers pass on knowledge to the next generation, allowing them to build upon it. Be part of the furthering of us as a society by teaching someone something.

18. Volunteer internationally: Signing up for a few weeks or months volunteering internationally can make a serious difference to those who you donate your time to.

19. Volunteer in a hospice: A place for the terminally ill to spend their remaining weeks or months, volunteering in a hospice can see you making a huge difference to the lives of the patients.

20. Adopt an animal from a shelter: Change the life of an underprivileged furry friend by giving it a new home!


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