Prom season is almost upon us, which creates a problem for many a high school boy – how do you ask that girl to go with you? What is the best way to ask a girl to prom? 

One way to increase your chance of success is by being creative with your delivery – who can say no to a truly unique and amazing proposal? With that in mind, here are 10 original and inventive ways to ask a girl to prom (all were approved by our girls at the office).

  1. From beneath her bedroom window: Whether your head jumps to Romeo and Juliet or 80s movies clichés, there’s nothing quite so bold as standing on her front lawn – maybe holding a boombox above your head – and asking her to prom! Try spelling out ‘PROM?’ with candles to make your proposal that much more enticing!
  2. From the bottom of a mug: ‘I mustache you a question…’ the outside of the mug will read. And once she finishes her favorite drink that you’ve lovingly made, the base of the mug will be staring back at her - ‘Prom?
  3. From the stands of your high school stadium: For the more extroverted amongst us, why not ask the basketball fans on the other side of the court to hold up a ‘Will you go to prom with me, [her name]?’
  4. From the pages of your high school paper: For those with editorial power, placing a prom invite in your high school paper is a bold yet subtle way of asking your prom date out.
  5. From beneath her windscreen wiper: Write a fake parking ticket and place it under her windscreen wiper. Then watch her face turn from anger to excitement when she reads what’s inside!
  6. From the inside of a pizza box: Who doesn’t love pizza? With the excitement of food already getting those endorphins flowing, writing ‘Prom?’ under the lid or even with ingredients on the pizza will almost guarantee a yes!
  7. From the pop of a balloon: One way to literally pop the question is to stuff it inside a balloon! Place your note inside a balloon with some confetti and candy, and pump in the helium. Then write ‘POP ME!’ on the outside!
  8. From the last stop of a treasure hunt: If you and your girl have shared some special moments in some special places, build a treasure hunt around these locations, with the last stop popping the big question.
  9. From the neck of a puppy: Sure, pizza will get a girl giggly, but nothing quite compares to a puppy. Deliver you message around the neck of the cutest dog you can find to all but ensure that you’ll have her on your arm for prom!
  10. From the text of her favorite book: Is your girl a massive Harry Potter or A Song of Ice and Fire fan? Choose a page from her favorite book, then underline a P, R, O, M and a question mark. It may take a moment, but once she clicks she’ll struggle to say no!