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10 Men’s Fashion Trends for Fall 2019

Any guy can get away with a closet stuffed full of the bare minimum: a few pairs of pants, a handful of graphic T-shirts, a couple nice button-ups and some athletic shoes. 

When it comes to menswear, the basics can get you by, but those looking to convey their confidence, express their personality, and leave lasting impressions need something a little more. 


For men looking to make a statement, autumn’s colder temperatures offer the perfect opportunity to incorporate scarves, layers, hats, textured jackets and other seasonal accessories. When it comes down to it, there’s no better season for the fashion-forward. 


With summer coming to a close and the weather cooling off, here are the hot trends you can expect to see taking center stage this fall. 


  1. Thick Neck Ties

This season, top stylists are ditching ultra-thin ties of last summer in favor of chunkier designs. One major perk of the thicker tie’s return is the style’s slimming effect—because of its width, these ties look good on absolutely everyone.

Fall will also see more playfulness with tie styles, colors, and designs, so don’t be afraid to step outside of the lines and get playful. Once considered formal business wear, the tie has now evolved into a more versatile, semi-casual item that’s also suitable for throwing back a beer at a bar downtown.


  1. Socks with Sandals

We know what you’re thinking, but it’s no longer taboo! With “dad fashion” on the rise, celebrities like Kanye West and Tyler the Creator have turned this once-forbidden look into a hot 2019 trend by pairing athletic slides with branded socks. 

While the look may have started in irony, there’s no denying that socks with sandals are one of this fall’s biggest trends. Best of all, they allow fashion-focused men to take their slides into the next season and enjoy them all through autumn.


  1. Oversized Knitwear


The knitwear trend is huge this year and it proves that high fashion and extreme comfort do have a common ground. With textured fabrics taking over, thick-yarn knits will be popular this fall, especially when paired with a casually relaxed, oversized fit.

When it comes to color, you can’t go wrong with the basics; neutrally-colored sweaters in beiges and earth tones will never go out of style, but university colors (like rich gold, navy blue, and dark green) will steal the spotlight this fall. 


  1. Accent Beanies

The beanie is a classic—it has cycled in and out of the fashion spotlight since the 1900s. This season, the iconic trend is making a big comeback as a new and evolved fashion staple. While yesteryear’s beanie was more about warmth and functionality, this fall’s menswear trend considers them a statement item intended for both indoor and outdoor wear. 


These hats are smaller, worn on the top of the head (rather than the crown), and should be sharply cuffed to leave the ears exposed. Bright reds, oranges, and electric highlighter colors are especially the rage, giving otherwise neutral outfits a unique and unmissable accent.

  1. Classic Suede Jackets

River Island

With textured fabric making big waves in this year’s menswear fashion scene, it’s no wonder that suede is one of this fall’s top trends. It’s seductively soft and comfortably breathable, making the material an ideal (and versatile) choice for autumn outerwear. 


As the more sophisticated, cosmopolitan cousin of the traditional leather jacket, suede is a material that screams luxury, confidence and style. While the traditionalist might go for warm and earthy colors, vintage tones like plum, mustard, and muted pink are options for those with a bolder, more daring fashion sense. 


  1. Urban Sling Bags

Urban Outfitters

They’ve always been huge in Europe—now they’ve leaped across the Atlantic to make a big splash in North America. This fall, urban sling bags are in vogue on a global scale. 


They’ve been wardrobe staples of A-list celebrities for a full season now, but this autumn we’ll see more and more hit the streets as hot fashion wear. Both functional and fashionable, these crossbody bags are best in either minimalist leather or solid-colored canvas designs.


  1. Casually Understyled Suits

Suits used to be considered stuffy formal wear reserved primarily for business purposes or special occasions, but this year’s trends has seen suit fashion evolve towards smart and casual streetwear. 


While they’re still the go-to for anything formal, they’re also perfect for those looking to add a splash of dapper style to their day-to-day look. This fall, top-tier brands like Balenciaga have taken to relaxed, hybrid suits that have the debonaire spirit of the traditional suit with a breezier, carefree finish.

  1. Down-Filled Puffer Coats 

Oversized puffer coats blew up last winter; this fall will see a continuation of the trend. While last year’s variety were enormous (both in popularity and literal size), this fall’s puffers are down-filled and smaller for a slimmer, less exaggerated fit. 


When it comes to design, you can choose between high-shine finishes or matte. Though neutral tones are a safe bet, fashion-forward men will select styles in bold Crayola colors for a fresh urban look. 


  1. Animal Prints and Clashing Patterns

Sure, in the realm of women’s fashion animal print is nothing new, but this fall it’s taking the world of menswear by storm. From zebra-print accent socks to button-down leopard evening jackets, animal print is all the rage. 


With an increasing trend towards intentional pattern clashing, animal print’s newfound popularity also opens doors to mix and match almost endlessly, allowing for surprising accents and fresh twists.


  1. Blue Light Blocking Glasses

This fall, fashionable eyewear is a must (even for those with 20/20 vision). It’s 2019 and chances are you spend more time in front of screens than ever before, meaning your eyes are exposed constantly to harmful blue light. Outside of disrupting your natural sleep patterns, blue light is also shown to cause headaches, retina damage, and visual fatigue.

 Thankfully, blue light blocking eyewear filters out harmful light while adding style and class to your overall appearance. Choose from vintage-inspired blue light glasses like the half-rimmed Quinn or the classic aviator-style River to add the perfect touch to any fall ensemble (while protecting your eyes during screen time!).

Blue Light Half Rimmed Glasses


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